Live Betting Strategy

January 24 2021

What is Live Betting ?

Live betting or in play betting as some of the punters like to call it, has gained so much attention from the punters around the globe ever since the feature launched on most online betting sites. This much attention is due to a belief that most bettors think they can highly bankroll from this event due to the live sport event happening they are able to see aspects of a certain outcome coming in and make some more informed decisions in real time.

However, that is just a myth, because with live betting, you stand a high chance of losing more due to the short period given to make an analysis. But if managed well, you can make a lot of winnings from this. With live betting all you have to do is place bets when the match is ongoing until its conclusion. You can place as many bets during the match as you feel necessary according to the selections provided by your online bookie or betting site.

How to win on live betting

As we have looked in to the prospect of high loses, you need to keep in mind that you must have self-control and discipline backed by powerful analysis. The truth there is no specific winning strategy for any punter to always win at this but in this article we have come up with some amazing tips you can follow in order to build a winning strategy personal to you.

  • Do not place too many during live betting

As a bettor, do not try to place so many bets in between during in play or on running match. This will give you so much pressure and you won’t make the right decisions for the other bets. Just try to watch more to make an analysis then place about 2 bets when you are sure of capability of the bet, but as the saying goes you win some, you lose some. But take this to gain momentum as you practice your analysis better to minimize risks

  • Actually watch the matches Live

A lot of punters tend to rely on the match live statistics provided by the online bookies instead of watching the match live stream and making better judgments. If you want to prosper in live betting, you will need to participate and watch the matches live that you are interested in

  • Do some Homework to develop your stats analysis

This is a powerful tool for you and you stand to gain so much if you take the time to analyze all the stats available before the matches commence, with that you can make informed decisions in a short period of time and helps you build momentum and direction in the right direction

  • Do not do Revenge Bet During Live Matches

A lot of people take the live matches as a chance to recover their lost money on wrong bets before, this can be very risky because you stand to lose a lot during live bets due to really competitive odds and higher stake loss of money if things don’t work out. So do not engage in that, you need a fresh mind to bet with good judgment

Pro and Cons of Live Betting

Some of the pros of live betting is you get to enjoy competitive odds at all costs for example, pre match bets can have a 1,2 odds on a selection but during the match, the odds can increase to 1,8. So you stand a chance of making more cash within a short period of time

Another pro of live betting is the live analysis that you get as you are betting which gives you more opportunities to bet on.

Meanwhile the craziest con is the addiction of live betting that most punters get as time goes on. This addiction is not productive at all and you may want to place bets on all the live matches taking place. At the end of the day, you end up with a lot of losses you might not recover from.

Another is the limited time given to you to make better judgment as the live match goes on. It might be of good help to keep calm or you might miss out on opportunities presented forward.

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