Horse Race Betting Strategy for Beginners

August 04 2021

 There is no strategy that is 100% guaranteed to help you win all your wagers back but at least you can increase your chances of winning with a tough strategy in place to help you increase your winnings


Analyze the horse form before you place your bet

The form can help you to learn more about a horse’s past performance alongside stats that will guide you into informative decision-making.

 This form comprises of who the jockey is, the horse’s previous wins and losses and so much more. With all this information, you will be able to pick a horse you want to wager on.


Actually, watch the horse race event live

You need to watch the horse race event live if you are planning on placing bets because there are certain things you will be oblivious to if you only study the form and analytics. This is why you need to watch the horses run by yourself live to know certain things stats can’t tell you and it will provide you a certain edge in selection making.


Avoid Betting On All Races 

Betting on all races available can be very overwhelming and very confusing. Besides you need to do research on all races and horses you are to wager on to increase your chances of winning, unfortunately, you can’t do this for all races instead you should pick races you are familiar with or want o to be familiar with and concentrate on those for future success.


Analyze the distance of the race in the question

The distance a horse is about to run track matters a lot and greatly affects your decision on which horse to bet on. Some horses are known to be very good at shorter distances while others are known to go the distance on longer tracks. Horses that have too much vigor at the beginning of the race tend to win shorter races than longer races 

The position where the horse is drawn from matters for shorter races whereby horses on the inside has shorter distances than the ones on the outside.


Getting to know the trainers of a horse 

Researching on a trainer of horses might seem a tad too much but this gives you a starting point on what horse is more likely to win or lose. You should know what kind of horses are trained by a certain trainer for example trainer A is known for training horses in endurance only or trainer B trains all around.


Get to Know the Jockey’s Statistics and Past Performances

A jockey is the rider of the horse, therefore, making it a vile stat to know more about. Getting to know their past performances in different races distances and types of races they have participated in. knowing their weak points and strong points is key.


Watch out for the outsiders

Outsiders are horses that have a much lesser chance to come in positions of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Many bettors tend to ignore the outsiders because of the high risk involved but just in case you are sure an outsider can beat the odds then don’t hesitate to take your chances because once you win you will be assured of a high payout compared to wagers on insiders.


Try to Avoid Accumulator bets on horse racing 

For a beginner, this is a no-go because it’s quite risky and very mismatched sometimes. Making more than two selections is quite risky on horse racing therefore not recommended for beginners who are still navigating horse race betting, to begin with.


Always set a budget and start small as a beginner 

A professional bettor treats the whole betting process as a business therefore you need to set a budget that you are willing to lose and also stake small amounts of money as you gradually grow into bigger amounts in order to keep your bankroll afloat and burn it.

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