The Different Types of Bets in Football Every Bettor should know

May 05 2021

A lot of new bettors seem to be confused at the beginning of their betting journey as to what type of bet they would love to place on according to their expectations of matches.

There are so many bet types nowadays than compared to the 20th century and with the introduction of online betting sites in Africa. Luckily for you, we have gathered some of the most common bet types and tried to make their betting terms more simple for you and also included when some of them are more useful for you. For your own vast knowledge, you are better off drawing the conclusions yourself.

Draw No Bet

With the draw no bet, If the match ends without a winner on the draw, your full stake is returned to you. Draw no bet is more like a security blanket for bettors to lower the risk. This is a two-way market either team you chose to win and it wins, you are given returns, if there is a draw, your stake is fully returned.

Match result score Bets

Match bets are really popular among bettors. This is a three-way market selection simply put. With either a home win, away win or a draw. This bet only concentrates on the results of a match.

Goal Scorer

This is also a very simple kind of bet. All you have to do is predict which player is going to score the first goal (most of the time). The online betting sites usually offer you a selection of most goal scorers and strikers to choose from.

Correct Score

Here a punter is given the selection to choose what will be the end result score of the match. With this it’s quite difficult given the numerous numbers of scores that could occur for example 3¬1, 4¬0 it’s up to the bettor which exact score will happen.

Over & Under Bet

With the under bet and over bet, the punter is only provided with two possible outcomes to choose from situations like a number of goals scored, a number of free kicks, you can choose to go with for example under 6 goals scored. With this type of bet, you stand a chance of winning though the odds are not too competitive

Double Chance Bet

With the double chance bet, you are given two possible outcomes to place bets on. For example, in a match between MAN U Vs Chelsea, you can pick two correct possible outcomes and not three outcomes like you select your favorite team either to win or draw.

Score cast and Win cast

Score cast does have some amazing competitive odds due to its high risk of the bettors stake cast. Abet is placed on who will score the first goal and the correct score at the end of the match.

While with the winning cast, a punter is only placing a bet on which team will win and who will be the player or striker to score the first goal of the match.

A Combination or combi Bet

A combination bet is placing multiple bets on a vast selection to maximize the gain of the potential winnings. With a combination bet, you do not lose it in case of one failed single selection went wrong

But for any punter looking to do this you need to prepare analysis and be very alert on your selections.

An accumulator Bet (Parlay)

Unlike a combination bet, an accumulator bet is multiple bets placed on selections that a punter has chosen and it does fail in case you lose one selection from it. With this type of bet, you stand to gain a lot of money due to the multiplied odds but you also stand a chance to lose your stake in case of one loss only

Outright Bet

This is a long bet kept for like a whole season and it needs a patient punter ready to stake and wait.  With this bet you are given a selection of which teams will be able to come up first, second third and fourth and fifth during a season. In case one of your predictions is correct, you are given the percentage of the predicted winnings according to the odds.

There are other bets you can look into but those are some of the most common bet types every beginner needs to acquire knowledge of .

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