Top 10 Most Profitable Football Betting Markets You Need to Know in 2021

May 05 2021 TOP 10

What is a betting market?

A betting market is a marketplace for all types of specific bets with specific odds to each of these bet types.  Most online bookmakers offer a lot of selections in the betting market and as a punter you can select your own betting market for each match, competition or tournament that is taking or going to take place   

What determines the profitability of a betting market?

Betting markets as looked at above, you get to choose which one you can place a bet of your choice. However, there are betting markets that are more profitable than others as reflected on online bookies websites.

What determines the best betting market are the odds of the outcome. With the odds, the higher the odds the more competitive and more profitable the betting markets get.

The top 10 most profitable football betting markets

Half time/ full time

With the half time/full time betting market, a punter is to predict the result(1x2) at half time and again at full time. This is quite difficult to predict therefore this market attracts some lucrative odds. However, as a punter you need to fully analyze the match fixture to make informed decisions to place a bet.

Correct Score

The correct score market gives you the chance to place a bet on the section of what the final score will be in a match. This is very unpredictable and definitely attracts competitive odds to the prediction. If you get the right score you win.

This market is offered by most of the best online betting sites in Africa. and on all favorite leagues in sports betting out there.

Double Chance Market

Under this market, punter gets to decide the predictions of the 2 possible outcomes out of 3 for example the punter gets to predict home or draw, away or draw & home or away. all these give you a high chance of winning.

With the double chance market, you need to also take opportunity on all those best bonuses and free bets by online betting sites.

Draw No Bet Market

  With the draw no bet market, you get an assurance blanket to get back your bet in case there is a draw. So in this case you stand a high chance of winning on the two way predictions of either win for the teams.

Win to Nil Market

This market lets the punter predicts which team will win or lose with a clean slate. All both parts of the bet need to be correct in order to win. In this market, you get to have some very competitive odds due to the difficulty of its predictability.

Over/Under Markets

Over/Under betting market allows the punter/bettor to place bets on the prediction of whether the total number of goals scored is below or above a given number of goals provided by the online bookie.

An example of an is Over/Under 2.5 goals, you can either go with over 2.5 or under 2.5. This market really attracts different odds depending on your selection as a punter and some of them are very competitive while others not so much.

With this betting market, you can take advantage of the accumulator bet to multiply your winnings.

Read more about How to Win with Accumulator Bets in Football Betting

First Goal Scorer

This market is quite very popular amongst punters who have been in the game for quite some time and are sure enough of this outcome. This can be an easy profit because all you have to do is predict who is going to score the first goal of the match. Aside from its easiness, you get to have some lucrative odds on your side too.

Win Draw Win Market(1x2)

Punters get to place bets on either a win for either teams or a draw like a home win, away win or a draw. This has to be the most popular market on Best online betting sites.

 Both Teams to Score and Win Market

Here the punter gets to place a bet on both teams to score and the team he/she is backing to win the match. With this market, there is a great chance for the punter to make almost correct predictions if they analyze team performances in terms of weak defenses and attacks.

Handicap Market

Handicap market only evens the playground on for unevenly matched teams. So a perceived weaker team is given an advantage at the beginning of the match while the perceived stronger team is given a disadvantage.

For Example, Manchester united vs Burnley, Burnley has an advantage of +2.5 goals while Manchester United is at a disadvantage of -2.5 goals. Here if you place your bet on Manchester United to win, Manchester United has to score 3 goals and more for this bet to get returns. While if you place your bet backing Burnley, then incase it’s a win for Manchester like 3:1, you still win back your wager.

Not sure about handicap market yet, read more here: What does the term Handicap mean in Football Betting?

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