How to Win with Accumulator Bets in Football Betting?

January 24 2021 TOP 10

What is an Accumulator Bet in Football Betting?

An accumulator bet is a bet with collective multiple bets of more than or equal to four individual bets placed as one single bet.  Also famously known as ACCA bet. For an accumulator bet you must win all your bets on this multiple bet to cash out big!

Accumulator bet, your selections are termed as legs and the odds of each leg are multiplied together and this means that you can end up with a very big number of odds.

However, as a bettor, you need to keep in mind that you should win every single bet on your ACCA betting slip for you to win the accumulator bet.

So with this kind of situation, as an abettor, you should brace yourself for the outcome because when you win, you definitely win big and when you lose, you could lose it all.

Examples of an Accumulator Bet

 As seen on a betting slip

Team                      Odds

Arsenal                     2.60

Atletico Madrid        3.0

SC villa                     1.50

Real Madrid             1.80

Ac Milan                   2.10

The total number of odds is 2.60 x3.0x1.50x1.80x2.10 =44.226

Henceforth if you placed a stake of let’s say 4000 UGX, and all teams on your betting slip win, you would get back 176904 UGX that’s quite larger than if you staked on single selections separately.

With accumulator bets, you need to select all the bets you want to place, then get to your bet slip and put in the amount you wish to stake, for most online betting sites, it’s quite automatic once you select more than four times from the selections available that you are to place an accumulator bet.

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 How to win at Accumulator Bet?

While there is no specific rule to follow but instead you can follow up some tips like these below to help you achieve higher chances of winning:

  • Try Not to Stick to Favorites

One thing about the accumulator bet is the large odds associated with it, so don’t simply follow the favorites because the odds are quite low on them.

  • Try Not to Get Carried Away by The Potential Wins of Your Bet

Don’t get blindsided by the potential wins you will get, instead try to focus more on the implied probability of winning and select what you feel you are sure and do not go on adding up selections just to get more profit, remember a small profit is better than a huge loss.

  • Prepare Yourself mentally for a big loss or Huge Win

This might seem a little cissy like but with accumulator bets, you could reap big or lose everything by just one loss amongst your selections. For example, you win 90% of your selections, but you lose the one game which means you will also lose the rest, this is quite hard on many punters.

That’s why you don’t need to be too emotional about it. Regardless, accumulator bet is still one of the most profitable markets in sports betting and if done right you will definitely count more profits than loses

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