What does the term and Favorite in sports Betting mean?

May 05 2021

A lot of new bettors tend to find it hard to distinguish or even know what a favorite and underdog is in sports betting. But this is no rocket science for you to understand.

In sports tournaments there are always teams that tend to win more games than the others while other teams tend to lose more games than other in any sporting event.

These terms only apply to teams that have mismatches when compared to each other according to their past game/s wins and losses for example in sports like football, basketball and a whole lot of games out there

Who is a favorite in Sports Betting?

A favorite is a team that is predicted to most likely win the match against the other team. For example, Manchester united is more likely to win the game, Horse c is more likely to win. The favorite team is identified as the team with odds that have a negative ¬ sign prematch.

Who is an underdog in Sports Betting?

 An underdog is a team that is predicted to most likely lose the match to the favorite. The Underdog can be identified as the team with odds that have + sign on them prematch.


What does a point spread Favorite mean in Sports Betting?

 A point spread favorite is a difference between the points of the two teams in play in terms of the expected points to be scored during the match. On a points spread, bettors are given access to know how close the match might finish off.

For instance, in the match between ManU VS Arsenal

The point spread favorite is Man U -4.6 points this being the favorite

                                                   Arsenal +4.6 points this being the underdog

Here this means that if a bettor is going to bet on a favorite to win the match, the favorite is supposed to win by like 4.7 and above points to win his bet back with returns

How to Bet on a favorite in Football?

With a favorite being most likely to win, that doesn’t mean it will actually win the game but has high chances of winning. So you need to be cautious of how you place your bets.

Given the factual prediction that a favorite team is likely to win, the odds are not that competitive due to the less assumed risk while for the underdogs odds to win are quite competitive given its bigger risk to the bettor.

For example, as a punter, you stake 100 UGX for the favorite with odds 1,2 meaning you will risk 100 UGX to win back 20 UGX back if the team wins.

And with the underdog, you stake 100 UGX for the underdog with 3.8 odds meaning you will risk 100 UGX to win back 280 UGX.

The point is it’s not always the correct prediction you still need to do some work on analysis but also if you want to earn more you can do short term favorite betting because they are more favorable than long term

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