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What is an Online Slot Casino game?

Online slots are one of online casino games that are computerized version of the most popular classic slot machines. While these online versions may seem quite unrealistic, well they are not it’s just the same methods and principal guide the games both for online slots and classic slots.

Slots randomly generate computerized symbols on which probability assigned to each symbol of appearing on the reel.

Online slots come in various themes, most famous being fruit themed slots and but others like adventure themed are quite famous too just to name a few of the themes.

They are quite the easiest casino games to learn and probably the most popular among beginners, so why not take this opportunity and earn some money!

Features of online slot machine you need to know 

It is quite important to know the features of the games you are to participate in and that’s not any different with online casino slots. 

With online slots the following are the key features you need to grasp before you even think of staking any cash:

Pay line 

A pay line is a combination of symbols on the slot that represent a winning combination that pays off a certain amount of money. These run from left to right in most online casino slots and they vary too with some being fixed payouts, while others being variable pay lines.

We shall see more about pay lines in this article: Different Types of Pay lines and How They Work


This refers to the number of times a game of slot pays out. This can be a slot that pays frequent small wins or another that pays out huge sums of money but not so frequently. It’s always up to you the player to choose what slots volatility is good for your wallet.

Coins / bet

These are the bets you stake on each spin of the reels you make individually. Every slot has a Betmax or Betmin 

With a Betmax being the highest number of coins you can stake while Betmin is the least number of coins you can stake. Again this all depends on you and how much you want to risk on your slot games.


These are the horizontal columns that contain the symbols in an online slot. Reels are usually 3 to 5 in most online slots.

Rate of Return to the Player Percentage 

Also known as the RTP, is the long term theoretical payout percentage to players. The RTP is usually configured into the slot for example, if you stake $200 on a slot game with a RTP of 95%, you should be able to get back $190 overtime. And the 5% is for the casino whether you lose or win.

The RTP differs from slot game to slot game so you need to make sure you know the RTP before you get to play.

Bonus symbols 

Most bonus symbols include Wild symbol and Scatter symbol. These bonus symbols are symbols that could easily trigger big payouts for you.

With the wild symbol, it is like a substitute to symbols on the reels of the slots except for the scatter symbol. The wild symbol just substitutes for a symbol in a combination to make it a winning combination.

While a scatter symbol, these usually just pay out once they hit the reels, they don’t need to be a part of the winning combination. If they are more than three they can even trigger a free spin.

Read more on the Bonus and Bonus Symbols of Online Casino Slots 

Free Spins Feature and Multiplier Feature

This a bonus game off of the original slot game. The free spin symbol is usually triggered by a 2or more scatters pinned on the reels of the slot and this can help you boost your winnings. In addition to this, the free spins come with the multipliers symbol for example 

You win 3 free spins, with a multiplier of 3x attached to each win. That means for every win, you multiply it by 3 and the rewards are credited to your account.

Ways to Win Feature

This feature does show you how many ways to win the slot game. That means the number of pay lines available on the slot. However, slots with many ways to win tend to pay out regular small wins and vice versa.

These are some of the common number of ways to win: 243, 720 and 1024 ways to win.

Those are some of the features you need to familiarize yourself with before you begin playing online slot games.

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