7 Major Factors to Consider as You Choose an Online Slot Game

May 12 2021

With online slots, it can be quite easy to learn so long as you have an edge and can make some payouts. So you can take in the criteria below while choosing your online slot game or should I say you cash cow!


  • The number of Reels in A Slot Game


The most common number of reels is between 3 to 6 columns. The thing about reels is the more number of reels that more the number of pay lines available which increases the chances to create a winning combination. Normally would recommend the 5 reeled slot game because the 6 reeled isn’t so common but if you get it, take your chances.


  • The Frequency of Payout 


Every slot game does have a frequency of payout that is different from others, mainly what contributes to this is the number of pay lines, in the case of many pay lines like 1024, 243 ways to win, the frequency of payout is regular and its more often than not but the payouts are usually small amounts, while less number of payouts lines, the frequency of payout is less but the payouts are usually big amounts 


  • Theme of the Online Slot Game


With slots, you should enjoy the time you spend on them, therefore you should be able to come get a theme you actually enjoy so that you create a good experience for yourself. Back then with the classic slot machines, the most common themes where the fruit themes but now with online slots, there are so many themes you can actually choose from like adventurous, action packed, detective and just to name a few. 


  • The Rate of Return Percentage to Player (RTP)


This probably has to be the most important aspect you need to look out for. The rate of return percentage is the long term payout given to a player. The average payout being 95% for most online slot games, so it’s probably advisable to pick a slot game above 95% for you to earn higher percentage of payout on your wins.


  • The Value Amount Per Coin


The value amount per coin is very vital, for example the value coin is 40 UGX per coin for 10 lines (lines are the horizontal arrangement of symbols). The higher the value of coin, the higher the amount you place and vice versa. So you should check how much within your budget, you are ready to risk and spread it evenly across all your games.


  • The Number of Bonuses in A Slot Game 


Bonuses include the free spins and the value of multiplier attached to the free spins, also bonus games with boost effect. The higher the bonus value of an online slot game, the higher your chances are of doubling, tripling or even quadribbling your winnings 


  • The Online Casino Offering You the Online Slot Games 


Always keep in mind that different online casinos differ. So you need to choose online casinos that are legit and licensed, have various payment methods like Airtel money or MTN Mobile Money being the most common and lastly you can choose an online casino that gives you free trials on these slots but this shouldn’t limit you.

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