Bonus and Bonus symbols of Online Casino Slot

May 12 2021


What Bonuses does Online slots offer?

 Bonuses in online casinos come in the form of Free spins which are the most common.

With free spins, you get to spin the number of times you are given for example you get 10 free spins, you spin 1o times and all your winning are to deposited back to your credit account.

But also remember that most of the Free spins have multiplier feature attached to the winnings of the free spins. 

This multiplier feature symbol examples: 2x multiplier, 3xmultiplier. And this multiplies your winnings by the number you see before the multiplying symbol.

The free spin bonus usually is played on another screen off the base slot and you just get back to the original after the free spins are done.

There are also bonus games like Hi-Lo bonus game usually triggered by the scatter bonus symbol, thou not so common you should be aware of it and how to play some of the bonus games provided.

Bonus Symbols you need to Know that exist in Online casino slot games 

The Bonus symbols are the wild symbol and scatter symbol.

The wild symbol is like a substitute for any of the symbols except for the scatter symbol or any other bonus symbol.

Let’s say for instance, you spin a slot and your final combination is apples- apples-pines-apples which is definitely a loss but in case the pines is a wild symbol, then that means it will be substituted with apples to create a winning combination.

There are different types of wild symbol you need to keep up with; 

Expanding Wild symbol: These appear as a single icon and spread all over the reel.

Stacked Wild symbol: the stacked wild symbols are usually more than one with the other onto of the other wild symbol. That can even fill out the whole reel which just increases your chances of winning.

Moving and sticky wild symbol: the moving wild symbols are always sifting from one reel to the other while continuously spin the reel while the sticky wild symbol does just that, it sticks on one reel and with this you could win on repeat mode since you spinning the reel with the sticky wild symbol.

On the other hand, we have the scatter symbol, this bonus symbol that just has to appear on the reels after you spin to unlock a number of bonuses like the free spins, bonus games like Hi-Lo

The scatter symbol is represented by a SCATTER labelled symbol on the reels and seen above they have to appear on the reels to unlock the bonus features. Of course there is the condition to the number of scatter symbols that should appear so as to unlock the bonus features and this entirely depends on the online casino slot you have chosen to play.

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