Most Competitive Ice Hockey Betting Markets in 2021

May 26 2021


Ice Hockey has a lot of opportunities for punters to bet on. The Ice hockey betting market has got some very competitive betting markets that you should not overlook. Some of these betting markets are not any different from the football betting markets so it’s quite easy to understand and grasp.

Listed below are some of the most competitive betting markets you should take note of:

Match Results 

Under the match results betting market, it is also categorized into 2;

Match Results (End of regulation time) 

With this, you need to place a bet on the team you think will win the match within the regulated typical time period of 60 minutes and any other goal after that does not count for the bet. 

For instance, you bet on the New York Rangers vs Chicago Blackhawks and you place your bet on New York Rangers to win, they should score more goals within the 60 minutes period and if it’s a draw within the 60 minutes and New York rangers go ahead to win the match in overtime, you still lose your bet.

Match Results (Overtime OT)

This betting market is more straightforward you place bets on the team you think will win the match regardless during the overtime or the regulated 60 minutes’ period.

Goal Totals Over/Under 

In this situation, you place a bet on the total number of goals to be scored by both teams during the ice hockey game. 

With the goal totals over, you place your bet on at least or more goals like +4.5 goals, the number of goals should be 5 or more to win the bet.

With the goal total under, you should place your bet on at most or less than 4.5 goals, the number of goals should be no more than 4 goals to win the bet.

Puck Line Handicap 

This betting market is only specialized to ice hockey only but the handicap definition does not change. 

The favorite is given a disadvantage and the underdog is given an advantage during the game. Unlike with football, the puck line handicap is moistly set at 1.5 

So if a team(Underdog) with + 1.5, the team should not lose with more than 2 goals to win the bet, and if the team(favorite) with -1.5, the team should win with more than 2 goals to win the bet.

Correct Score 

 With the correct score betting market, you can bet on what you think will be the right scoreline during the 60-minute period or during the overtime period.

For example, with the Chicago Blackhawks vs Montreal Canadians, you can decide to bet the scoreline of 6-1 respectively or 2-4 respectively during overtime or the 60-minute period.

You can also decide to bet on tied like 3-3 during the regulated period of 60 minutes. the decision is up to you the punter to make.

 League Outrights 

Similar to football, you place a bet on the team you think will win the competition/ league. There are some very major leagues you can choose from like the NHL, The world championships or the winter Olympics, the American Hockey league(AHL).

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