5 Best Ice Hockey Betting Strategies Revealed

May 26 2021


While it might not be written in stone that one’s strategy will work 100%, It's very encouraging and strategizing for a bettor to have a strategy that they follow regardless to be on a track cut yourself some losses.

Ice hockey has a lot of betting opportunities that you can capitalize on like the 3 periods of each 20 minutes, the puck line, money line, and other types of betting odds for ice hockey.

Here we have listed some of the best strategies and tips you can follow to guide you on placing bets on ice hockey games:

Never place bets on any ice hockey game that you are not aware of team players involved.

This can be very damaging to your pocket. Instead, do some research and get to know at least more than 10 professional ice hockey teams plus the team players with their strengths and weaknesses to give you an edge in the game. Also get to know the leagues involved by doing extensive research like the NHL, World championships, AHL, DHL and winter Olympics just to mention but a few.

Get to Choose value bets correctly over time 

With ice hockey, there are so many games played during face-offs and playoffs with over 82 games in a league. So you could easily lose count of the performance of a team as time goes and teams tend to lose a lot of games during the league. So for this reason alone, the match results is more popular among bettors because it provides an edge to the bettors and lets them focus on only the winning teams 

Take advantage of the home and away card provided by the online bookies 

Most of the fixtures provided are about the home teams being a favorite because they are deemed stronger at home due to the various supporters and probably good record of winning more often than not and the on-the-road team termed as the underdog. The odds are more in favor of the underdog so if you do your research very well plus the competitive odds you can surely get something out of it.

However, do not just rely on that to make your decisions look at other terms like power plays, goalie tending to the goal, penalty killing which will be explained in this article: Terms You Should Be Familiar within Ice Hockey Betting 

Always do your research and do not rely so much on seasons statistics provided by the online bookie 

As a bettor you need to take the time to go deeper when it comes to research of the ice hockey games and another factor you think will affect the team’s performance on the ice rink for example the injuries of the best players can affect the game regardless of the positive stats given. So endeavor to take note of that.

Take advantage of the Ice hockey games schedule 

With a lot of games being played, you can actually lose some focus so just clear that up you can decide to only bet on the playoff series instead of all the series in the league which can save you your money and also keeps you focused on fewer teams.

Always look out for Live betting in Ice hockey 

During live betting, a lot of instances can occur which can switch up the odds to be more favorable at that time frame. So yes look out for in-play betting due to the competitive odds tied to it. And with Champion Bet, you can enjoy 24 live results brought to you directly to your mobile as you place your bets.


Ice hockey is a very interesting sport to watch and can keep your attention for all its periods because its only 20 minutes a period. With your attention, you can spot a lot of opportunities to bet on in the market as you enjoy the game.

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