Major Terms in Ice hockey Betting Explained

May 26 2021


There are terms you need to accustom yourself to and understand ice hockey better.

 Penalty Killing 

This is a situation where a team member is penalized and the team has to play without one man for a setup period of time This can easily affect the team’s performance on the ice rink and it’s up to the team members on how they can handle it. As for you the bettor, this might be unsettling but you can take advantage of the live betting odds to level up and always remember to check the stats on how the team’s performance is during situations like this either the one-man advantage or the one-man disadvantage.

Power Play

In this situation (which is the exact opposite of the penalty-killing) a team is given the advantage of playing with a one-man advantage against their opponent team with a one-man disadvantage for a set period time it can even be a few minutes but it can reset the whole game into a new direction. So as a bettor you need to keep an eye on the stats.

Who Is Tending to Goal 

In Ice hockey, the most important player on the ice rink is said to be the goalie! Therefore, it’s good to know who is tending to the goal for the ice hockey game to make reasonable and informative bets 

For example, the best goalies play during the season but in case of an injury or tiredness or any other reason, the goalie is replaced with a reserve or a backup. This is a big factor in determining the odds and placing bets. The reserves are preserved to not be as experienced as the main goalies. 


This is a small black circular ball that is shot around the ice rink by the ice hockey players using a stick-like hook to the goal post. Much like how the ball is to football, the puck is to ice hockey

Ice Rink

An ice rink is like a stadium where all the playoff and matches of ice hockey are held. Though as the name suggests, ice rink comes with ice for skating unlike football stadiums 


Overtime is a period given to the teams to play after the regulated time of 60 minutes is done but they ended in a tie (Which is a draw in football) and in ice hockey, draws aren’t really a thing so this overtime period is given to unmatch the draw.

A Face-off

This is the beginning of the match with two rival team players seen trying to grab the puck in the center zone after the referee has dropped it on the ice rink.

Let’s just say these are the most important terms you should be knowing as a beginner as a beginner in ice hockey betting.

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