Understanding Ice Hockey Betting Odds and Lines

May 26 2021


Ice hockey just like any other game has odds that are based on the law of implied probability plus the statistics of former games played by a team.

 The odds are more like based on the lines in Ice hockey and represented by mostly decimals (in this case) based on the best online bookie in Africa that will provide you with the most competitive odds in the market; championbet.ug      

Money line 

With the money line type odd, the oddsmaker is giving the bettor access to betting on the team they think will win the ice hockey game including during the overtime period and the 60-minute time frame without any handicaps available.  

3 ways 60 minutes’ odds

This is only focused on the time regulated for the ice hockey game which is 6o minutes. This is more like a home and away (1x2) where the bettors can bet on home and away wins and also a tie (meaning a draw in ice hockey) but the overtime or penalties are not included.

With 1 representing the home team, x representing the tie and 2 represents the away team.

Totals or Over/Under 

 Referring to the number of goals to be scored during the game including the overtime period. The Online bookmaker sets the number of goals plus odds pricing The number of goals are usually set up like over 4.5, under 4.5 

Puck line 

This is probably the most popular betting line in Ice hockey. The puck lines a handicap that disadvantages the favorite team and advantages the underdog giving them a more even playfield. Typically set at 1.5 it's more static compared to handicaps spread for football and other sports types.

For the favorite to win the match, they will have to score 2 more goals than the underdog and the underdog to win they should not lose with more than 2 goals.

In-play Bet 

This refers to live ice hockey betting and odds keep changing from time to time due to statistical changes made while the match is going on. Luckily for you, Champion Bet is well equipped with 24 hour live results of all the games you would love to watch while placing your bets with a tracker to give you the most up-to-date statistics on the game 

Player Bet 

This is for the experienced bettors who know their hockey very well and are comfortable with making such choices. Here you place your bets on the individual player you think will be able to score goals and the number of goals they will score.

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