Basketball Betting: Leagues, Strategies and Betting Markets

June 08 2021


Basketball is one of the most famous games on this planet no doubt with over 400 million fans worldwide and still counting. Being dubbed a “celebrity event” with the likes of Hollywood stars frequenting most of the basketball games at centers like the Staples Center in LA (LAKERS home stadium).

With star players like LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant who perform a lot of crazy skilled  dunks and  dribbles that keep the fans excited and glued to their screens or the sports arena, as a bettor you could take this opportunity to bet on these exciting basketball games and cash in

Understanding Basketball game rules 

Invented about 129 years ago by James Naismith a local gymnast, Basketball has become one of the most viewed and followed sports in the entire world with the NBA (National Basketball Association) taking the lead as one of the most popular leagues of Basketball.

For a bettor to enjoy the sports you should be able to know some of the rules that govern the game and here are some facts about basketball you should know:

Each basketball team consists of 5 players and the only objective of a team is to score more points against the opponent team by successfully shooting the basketball through the opponent’s hoop (like a hitched basket on a pole)

The regulated time for a basketball game is 4-time intervals of 10 minutes or 12 minutes depending on the league involved plus a 15-minute halftime break.

The basketball players can be substituted in the case of injuries or any other reasons with the benched players.

The game commences with players passing the ball amongst their team players by dribbling the basketball on the basketball court (all basketball courts are rectangular in shape unlike football pitches) and passing it to the team player by a throw.

Team players are positioned as follows: center position, power forward position, small forward, shooting guard and point guard.

An aim for the basket is called a shot and a successful one can result in either 2 or 3 points for the team.

A free throw is given to the team that has been wronged in terms of foul/flagrant.  A foul is a situation where a team player is unintentionally or intentionally disadvantaged by the defending team player on the court or even by the offending team player.

Best Basketball Leagues to Bet On

NBA (National Basketball Association)

The NBA is by far the most popular Basketball league on the planet. Founded in 1949, NBA still holds the card of the most privileged achievement for any of the basketball players in North America.

The NBA consists of 30 teams mostly from the USA and one team from Canada which is the Toronto Raptors.

There is the regular season with 82 games played with 41 away and 41 home that kicks off in September and end in April. The league divides the 30 teams into two conferences with 3 divisions of 5 teams each.

The Playoff season starts off in April after the regular season is done with every 8 teams from each conference competing for the Larry O`Brien Championship Trophy.

Meanwhile, during the Regular Season, the NBA all-star game is held in February, where fans get a chance to vote in the teams they want to participate in the NBA all-star competition.

After the regular season is over, there are awards given to players like the Rookie of the year, MVP Award, Coach of the year Award and Defensive Player of the Year Award shortly before the NBA playoffs.

Some famous teams are: Lakers, Bolton Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, 76ers, Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat

WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association)

This is NBA but for the women. Founded in 1996, The WNBA currently consists of 12 teams with the regular season kicking off in May and ending in September and the playoffs Finals start off in September until October.

Teams to look out for are Minnesota Lynx, Seattle Storm, Houston Comets, Chicago Sky, New York Liberty and the Washington Mystics

Euro League (Also known as the TURKISH AIRLINES Euro League)

The Euro League was founded in 2000 by the Euro League Basketball (private company) in Europe under the FIBA Europe confederation has 18 teams participating in the league.

The Euro League is the second-highest professional league in basketball only after the NBA. The teams are formed at the National level (mostly from cities of European countries) like Real Madrid from Madrid, Barcelona from Barcelona, Bayern Munich from Munich and ALBA Berlin from Berlin.

EuroCup Basketball (Also known as 7DAYS Eurocup)

This is an annual professional second-tier league organized by the Euroleague Basketball since the year 2002. 24 teams participate in the Eurocup Basketball 

The winner of the Eurocup automatically qualifies for the Euro League.

The final achievement of the Eurocup is the ULEB Cup. 


Liga ACB Spanish League 

This is a Spanish Professional League of basketball which consists of 17 teams battling it out from the period of October to May. Some great players from the Spanish league are known to end up playing for the NBA. The Liga ACB is known to be the best league in Europe.


Best Online Betting Site for Betting on Basketball Today 

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