Best Basketball Betting Markets

June 08 2021


The betting markets in Basketball betting are not any different from those in Football betting and here are some of the most popular betting markets you can take advantage of while betting on basketball to earn you some coin:


Handicap Market

  The handicap market is a situation where the unmatched game is evened out by disadvantaging the stronger team and giving an advantage to a perceived weaker team. 

 The weaker team has a + sign against its odds while the stronger team has the – sign against its odds.  

Golden state warriors (-3.5) vs Denver Nuggets (+3.5)

The Golden state warriors must win by 3.5points to win the bet if you placed a bet on the warriors and the Denver Nuggets must lose by not more than 3.5points to win the bet if you placed a bet on the Nuggets 

Also for basketball, period betting is quite popular which gives you more betting markets to place bets on. 

As of handicap, you can bet on 1st,2nd,3rd, and 4th quarter also 1st half and 2nd half of the game with each period different odds.

Winning Margin 

Here you choose the team that you think will win and by how many points. Due to the 4 quarters involved and 2 halves of the game, you can also bet on each period like the 1st half period winning margin, 1st quarter winning margin and 2nd quarter winning margin, 2nd half period winning margin inclusive of the final end of the game

Match Result(1x2)

 Just like in football, here you can get to place a bet on either the home win, a draw, or the away win. You can get to place bets on the 1x2 match results in the basketball quarters and halves and the end of the match including overtime.

Totals Over/Under 

Totals of points to be scored by the teams combined. Can be an over totals meaning the teams will score more than the points presented on the sportsbook while the under totals meaning the team will score less than the points presented.

Illustrated as Over 100 or Under 100.

Likewise, you can bet on totals Over/Under for all the basketball periods of the game: halves and quarters depending on the online bookie you choose to use.

Total Odds/ Even

Under this betting market, you are to place bets on the total of points of a game finishing at even as in 2,4,6,8, 10...100, 110,112 any number that is divisible by 2 

Or the total points being of odd number like 1,3,5,7,9,11 any number not divisible by 2.

Win/Lose (money line) inclusive of Overtime 

The most straightforward betting market there is. You just choose the team you think will win the match.

Point Range

Under point range, you bet on the possibility of total points scored in a basketball match to be in a certain range for instance between 0-100, 120- 160 points for both teams.

 Will there be Overtime 

This has become a very common betting market in basketball betting and online betting sites. For overtime to come into play, the regulated time for a basketball match must end in a tie. So for this type of bet, you either choose no tie or tie.

Prop Bet

The prop bet is based on the individual performance of a player in a team. You can bet that the outstanding player will score over 10 times the 3 pointers.

Let’s say the LA Lakers vs the New York Knicks, you can place a bet on an outstanding player like LeBron James to score 12x 3 pointers during the match.

The prop bet provides a lot of opportunities though it’s not so common on the online betting sites in Africa, we hope to see its listed too on the sportsbook for the punters to bet on.

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