Best Basketball Betting Strategies

June 08 2021

Basketball betting is becoming a frequent activity amongst the punters and betting beginners in most African countries whereas football may be punters first love, Basketball is making a great impression in the field of betting and presenting really great betting opportunities you should not miss out on!

However, betting is a pool of uncertainties and risks and as a beginner or seasoned punter, you need to come up with a strategy regimen you should follow to keep you afloat in Basketball betting

Here are some strategies you can follow:


  •  Look out for the team’s injury reports and rosters 


This is very important especially for the teams that are lined up for the next game. You need to always know what goes on for each individual player so as to weigh their situations against your prospects of the game.  Basketball is more of an individual performance of a player on court so you need to always look up what’s going on in their play lives.

Let’s say for instance, the Lakers are playing against the Cleveland Cavaliers, this will always look like the Lakers will win but if you check the lineup star players like LeBron James and Talen Horton Tucker are benched with injuries then less chances for the Lakers to win against the cavaliers.

So you always need to keenly check before placing bets.


  • Carefully choose your value bets 


The Betting lines created by the oddsmakers are almost never wrong which means that there is room for mistakes (like seriously these are individuals).

So just be keen on the betting lines and figure out what you think might be a little off especially during a period where there are so many games or games that are less popular among bettors tend to have some misplaced betting lines.

So to get this mistake, think of how the betting line would look like for a game before you check the oddsmakers betting line.

For example Miami Heat vs Utah Jazz, you think Miami Heat will win by 6 points. And the line at the bookie is Miami Heat -8 In this situation go ahead and place your bet.

 Always try to create situations in your head back with great statistics to help you come up with great bets.


  • Always keep up with the Schedule of games.


There are so many games to be played especially in the regular season of the NBA unlike football, basketball games are played consecutively so tiredness does play a role in the performance of a team on the court.

In addition to that, look up if the team is having lots of away games than home games meaning they will be tired from lots of road trips which wear down the players.

Both these factors have effects on the team’s capability on the court. For instance, a team has traveled cross country more than 2 times into the second quarter of the season and has likely played 6 games in the last 12 days. This will give you opportunities to place your bets right.


  • Watch out for strong Favorites who have lost their last game 


No team likes to lose regardless in any sport and definitely not in basketball. Odd makers always have favorites (teams that are stronger and more likely to win)

In a case where favorites lose by a big number of points and are still favored by the bookie for the next game, do not ignore instead take it seriously because favorites are more likely to win their next game and have a big comeback during the season.

  • Watch out for a team’s Home games especially for underdogs 

Well, no team likes to lose in their homes and especially in front of their fans whether underdog or not.

The need to impress the fans and not disappoint is enough for the home underdogs to get motivated to cover up the point spread. 

Remember at this point the teams are looking to win the match and nothing else matters more than that. So this can provide a lot of betting opportunities for you.

Lastly, you can also keep up with live basketball betting, carrying out research, budget management and lastly choosing the best online betting site with competitive odds for you as a bettor which we already covered that is Champion Bet for you.

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