Best Tennis Betting Strategies for a Beginner

June 08 2021


With Tennis, the performance of a player is affected by both their skill sets. So as a bettor you need to look into player’s abilities and which surface he/she performs best and other factors you will be given below in detail:


  • Access The Player’s Ability On a Given Tennis Court Surface


The surface can be hard, carpet, clay or grass and some players are good on a certain surface while others are not. The keynote here is the speed of a player on the court. 

The player in question may be able to move faster or slower on a certain court surface which will affect their overall performance during the tennis match. Some examples include Rafael Nadal while known as the king of clay due to his agile and swift speed on the clay surface for th most French open tournaments he has participated in his career.


  • Research in-depth when it comes to the history of Head to Head statistics of players


In case of any matchups set for the future and you are looking to place bets on them, you need to check up on the past matches between the players in question and how they performed on court.

The stats information is always provided by the Best Online betting site in Africa


  • Always Keep Track of the Players style 


Getting to know some of your favorite tennis stars playing styles will give you an in-depth understanding of how the tennis player will perform against his/ her opponent.  

Example: Maria Sharapova is known for being an aggressive baseliner compared to Caroline Wozniacki who is a counterpuncher. 

You need to do your research on your favorite player’s style so that you know their weaknesses and strength.


  • Keep Tabs On the Serving and Returning of the Tennis Ball


In tennis, the server of the ball is determined at the beginning of the match either by tossing a coin or spinning the tennis racket. Some players are much stronger in a match when they serve the ball to their opponent and others are good at receiving the ball. 

Most servers are known for dominating a game and much more likely to win the set. This can help you place bets on the set-winner betting market.


  • Always keep watch on the Player Roster


The player roster is a worldwide placement of players against points garnered during a 12-month period. With this, you can keep up with your favorite's points and see if they are climbing up the list or are set for a bad performance.

This plus the fact that a player might back out of a tournament due to injuries or other situations.

Example: Naomi Osaka who is one of the rising stars in Tennis WTA suddenly backed out of the French Opens 2021 due to no compliance with the press rules.


  • Place Only Valuable Bets 


Always be on your toes when it comes to exploring valuable betting markets to make profits. Finding value isn’t about the number of correct bets you earn but the amount you win in a long run in a specific betting market after subtracting the implied odds from the implied probability. The more positive the more profitable and vice versa.


  • Learn to give specialty to a Tennis Event 


You should always have a niche (this works in any business). Having your specialty in tennis will be of good help to you as a bettor. You can decide that you will bet only in Wimbledon games or the French opens that’s up to you to choose. This provides you time to carry in-depth research on the tournament and the results will help you place more informed bets. 

Other general points include Live Betting, Budget Management of your funds and always keeping a record of your bets.

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