Most Profitable Tennis Betting Markets

June 08 2021 TOP 10


Here are some betting markets you should familiarize yourself with at the beginning of your tennis betting journey:

Set Correct Score 

 A set correct score isn’t far different from football’s correct score. You just have to place a bet on the exact scores you think will occur at the end of the set. Let’s say for 3 set tennis match you will choose between 2:0,2:1, 0:2 and 1:2

The set correct score is one of the most profitable tennis betting markets if done with caution and well-researched analysis.

Total Sets Over/Under 

For tennis games, matches do not have a specific time period but it all depends on the number of sets played and how players are performing on the court. So with total sets Over/ Under, the online betting site comes up with a limit on how many sets are likely to be played

For the Under, you are placing your bet on the prediction that the total sets played will be less than the number of sets the online betting site has lined up and vice versa for the Total Sets Over.

For example you place bets on Over 5.5 total sets then you will win if there are 6 and more sets are played.

Set Handicap Betting 

The set handicap in tennis is when one of the players who is perceived to be weaker than their opponent is given a certain number of sets or a set before the match starts to even out the match.

The online betting site lines up the number of sets or set with a (-) for the disadvantaged player and with a (+) for the advantaged player.

Here you can place your bets on either the disadvantaged will overcome the handicap and win or the advantaged not to lose more than the number of sets given to winning. 

Example: A player is given (+4 Sets) and player B is given (-4 sets), if you bet on player A to win your wager, then Player A should not lose by more than 4 sets and in the case of Player B, for you to win your wager B should win A by more than 4 sets regardless of which player wins the match.

Total Games Over/Under 

This betting market focuses on the number of games played in a match by both tennis players. As usual the online betting site lines up the predicted number of games expected to be played in the match.

You can bet on either under or over the number of games lined up.

An example: if you bet on Under 30.5 games, for you to win the total number of games played should be 30 games and below. 

Game Handicap 

Under the game handicap, a weaker player (the underdog) is given an advantage over a stronger player (the favorite). The underdog is given a number of games before the match ahead of the favorite.

In this example: the online bookie lines up Player A with (+2.5) advantage and player B with (-2.5) disadvantage.

For you to win your bet on Player A, Player A must not lose more than 3 games than Player B and for you to win the bet on your bet on player B, B must win by at least 3 games more than player A in the match.

Match Winner 

The matchwinner is the most straightforward and famous tennis betting market amongst punters. You place a bet on which player will emerge the winner of the match. It’s usually determined after 3 or 5 sets depending on the format of the tournament. 

First Set Winner/Second set Winner  

 This line of betting gives you the chance to predict which player will be the first to win the first set.

A lot of punters tend to side with some of the best superstar tennis players according to the world ranking.

Odds/Even Games

Under the odds/even games betting market, your sports bookie gives you the chance to stake your bet on the possibility of the total games played by the end of the match to either be of an even number or an odd number 

Even number is any number divisible by 2 while an odd number is any that is not divisible by 2.

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