Popular Tennis Tournaments to Bet On 2021

June 08 2021


All tennis tournaments are regulated by the ITA (International Tennis Association) and under the ITA, for female tournaments, the WTA takes charge and for the male counterparts, the ATP takes up.

The tournaments consist of the four Grand slams and both the ATP and WTA finals elaborated in detail below:


Wimbledon is probably the grandest tennis tournament in history. Wimbledon was established in 1877 and gone ahead to host some of the World’s Top players in the tennis world with the likes of Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and so many more.

The Wimbledon tournament has wide global coverage with millions of viewers. The grand prize is usually about a whopping t 49 Million dollars as the top prize money for the money.

The court surface is on grass and the tournament takes place in London and takes place in the first two weeks of July.

While Wimbledon betting, you should make more research on how your favorite players perform on the grass court surface to have more insights on how to place your bets.

Australian Open

The Australian Open is the first grand slam tournament every year after major celebrations of New year’s, the Australian Open sets off and is played for the last fortnight of the month of January.

The Australian Open was first played in the year 1905 in Melbourne Australia and since then all the Australian matches have taken place at Melbourne Park.

 The Tennis court surface for the Australian Open is a hard surface and the winner prize money totals up to more than Australian 60 million dollars as per 2019 final playoffs.

The top players from the WTA and ATP finals face off in the Australian open

With this being the first sports event held at the beginning of each year, it’s quite hard to know which of the players is likely to perform well or is set for defeat. 

As bettor you should take that into perspective and be very analytical when betting on betting markets such as match-winner.

The US Open 

This is the last grand slam amongst the grand slams and it's held between late August and early days of September at the Arthur Ashe stadium in New York USA and at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center with a hard court surface.

The US Open was originally introduced in 1881 and has gone on to become one of the most glamourous tournaments in the world with a pool of winner prizes totaling up to 52 million dollars as of 2019.

This being the final grand slam, a lot of the top players are looking forward to at least win their first grand slam or winning the whole set of grand slam tournaments hence a lot more competition is expected at the US Open tournament.

The US Open brings you a lot of betting opportunities.

French Open Also called the Roland Garros

The French Open is the second grand slam to be played by the top players. The French Open is famous for its red clay tennis court surface differentiating it from other grand slams at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris, France named after a French aviator and war hero in 1928.

The one legendary Rafael Nadal dubbed the king of clay holds the most French open grand slam titles over a number of 50 appearances.

The French Open is held between the period of late May and early June with total prize money of about 38 million Euros.

WTA Tour Championships 

Held in Shenzhen, China, the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) was first kicked off in 1972 under the Billy Jean King Era.

The WTA final championships are held in October and the top 8 players from the WTA tour events played throughout the year qualify for the WTA championships.

The court surface is a hard surface and the winning prize money pool is about 7 million dollars.

ATP Tour Championships (Association of Tennis Professionals)

First played in 1970 in London, England, the ATP tour championships is one of the best tennis tournaments with the best 8 players from the ATA tour events playing off to win the prestigious championship prize money of about 8.5 million dollars.

Just like the WTA is to the female tennis players, the ATP is to make tennis players.

As of 2021, the WTA was moved from London to Turin in Italy. 

This is the last event of the ATP each year so you get to judge the player’s performance before the grand slam commences so you should not take it lightly if you look forward to betting on the grand slams too.

 ATP Tour Events 

These tournaments take place throughout the year with the topmost events categorized under the Masters 1000 series and the lower events under the 250 series.

Here is a list of some of the tournaments: Cincinnati Open, Canadian Open, Japan Open, Paris Masters, Shanghai Masters. Queens Club Championships, Madrid Open and Monte Carlo Masters just to name a few.

WTA Tour Events 

The WTA tour events are just like the ATP tour events but with a categorization of WTA Premier Tournaments, International Tournaments and 125 series.

Some tournaments include Canadian, Madrid, Italy Birmingham and the Miami Opens, Kremlin Cup, Dubai Tennis Championships and the India Wells Open.


As with any other Olympic game, the tennis Olympic game is held every after 4 years and tennis has been part of the Olympics since 1992.

The prize win is the gold medal and most players would love to get the gold in their hands. 

Most professional tennis players looking to participate in the Olympics to become world Olympics champions in tennis and also in case the Olympics is held at the home country of a player which adds even more pressure onto the player’s performance on the court.

With the likes of Andy Murray during the 2012 Olympics held in London England and he was able to earn himself the gold medal at home country.

Davis Cup and Fed Cup

These are international tennis tournaments with players representing their countries across the globe to win the Davis and Fed Cups respectively.

The tennis matches are played all through the year and the best make it to the finals.

Another minor one to include amongst the tournaments is the Challenger Tour and the ITF women’s circuit which might not be too famous with a relatively smaller coverage but they have value bets which matter most to you as the bettor.

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