Tennis Game: Understanding The Rules and Game Score

June 08 2021


As a punter or a beginner in tennis betting, understanding the game should be at your core to get place bets on tennis. For tennis matches, a great number of people find it difficult to understand the game but we shall break down every part of the game for easier understanding.

 The most important are the rules of the game and how to score in a tennis match and the lines on the court and what they mean. Listed below is each factor explained in detail:

Tennis Game Rules

  Tennis games are either played in singles or doubles.

   For each ball hit, the ball must land within the tennis court bounds for the game to proceed and in case of any balls hitting outside the bounds, the loss of the point is given to the player who hit the ball.

A ball should bounce at most once before the receiving player can hit if it bounces more than once the receiving player loses a point but for wheelchair tennis, the ball is allowed to bounce 2 times before it's hit by the receiving player.

The tennis ball is not to be hit twice and the player should only hit the ball after it has passed the net point to their side of the court.

For penalties to be served, abusive verbal exchanges by the players, the ball touching or hitting a player, or the tennis racquet slipping out of the player's hands.

No direct handling of the ball by the tennis player or even with the racquet during the match.

The exchange of hits within court bounds is called a rally. The server gets two chances to hit the ball within the court bounds.

Tennis matches consist of points, games and sets, check them out in detail below.

Tennis Game Scoring 

Points are the points you get if the opponent loses a point to the tennis player and It starts from love (meaning zero), the 1st point is presented by 15, 2rd is 30 and the 3TH point is 40 then GAME.

A game consists of 4 points and for a game to be won, a player needs to be 2 points ahead of their opponent.

A set consists of 6 games and it's won by the player who wins all 6 games ahead of their opponent with a 2 game difference.

In case of a draw or a tie break like 6-6, another game is played and the player must reach 7 points with a 2-point advantage to win this match.

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