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Champion Bet Uganda, Ghana and Ethiopia

Champion Bet Uganda has quickly gained a lot of popularity among African countries they operate in like Uganda, Ethiopia and Ghana to be exact.

The popular betting bookmaker does not only accommodate online betting website or App but it also has over 150 branches betting stations available in Uganda and more betting stations available in Ethiopia and Ghana. This trait alone lets you know how significant it is and it's not about to close shop any time soon.


Champion Bet Online Casino

Champion Bet does not only provide a sports betting site but also gives you access to an online casino for you to gamble away like you are in Las Vegas Straight out of your mobile phone or desktop or Tablet in the comfort of your home.

Some of the most common casino games offered by Champion Bet include slots also known as slot machines in physical casinos.

The slots options are quite many like ELDORADO TREASURE, BURNING DICE AND JEWEL FRUITS.

Currently Champion Bet offers numerous slots you can choose from with different themes and there are many more online casino games to come soon.

Click here to go to the casino site:


Champion Bet Online Betting Sports Games

Champion Bet offers different and a variety of games for their customers to bet. There are some of the favorite games offered like a football being the most prominent, tennis, horseback riding and others that you can check out from here to get yourself comfortable with the variety they offer.

Champion Bet Online Virtual Games

Champion bet offers online virtual games like Virtual soccer, Greyhound races and Mylucky6, which are really great games and soon to come, more will be availed.

Not sure what online virtual games are? Check out our article on online virtual games to get familiar with the concept. On Champion Bet, online virtual games are available 24/7. so you can always win some cash every 4 to 6 minutes of your free time without a hustle.

Champion Bet Mobile App


Champion Bet also offers you a mobile app if you would love to have their platform at the tap of a button. You can download it from here:  The app can only be downloaded from the championbet website and it's only compatible with android phones at the moment.


Champion Bet Offers  up to 30% on Winnings  and 1000 free bet points Welcome bonus

Champion Bet does not disappoint at all when it comes to dishing out bonuses. They have the best offer of a 1000 free bet points welcome bonus yet and also winning bonuses of up to 30% of all your winnings.

Champion Bet offers  1000  free bet points welcome bonus for you to bet on all your favorite sports games. Click here to register inorder to qualify for this welcome bonus:  and deposit cash to get your bonus offer!

Champion Bet also offers a bonus of up to 30% on all your winnings however there are rules to follow in order for you to qualify for this bonus. Check out the rules to follow here for more information and  look through our article: Champion bet bigger odds bigger Bonus offer


Champion Bet 24 Live Results

Champion Bet does keep up to date with all the live match statistics you need. They provide you some of the most accurate statistics and very well detailed for their customers to make decisions on their different selections as they bey on a live match.

Champion Bet has unique match trackers thanks to their state of the art technologies that give you live updates on the dot results of the live match while you watch the match live from anywhere. This is helpful for betting on different live games but you also need to keep precautions while live betting on live matches. Read more on how to win at live betting in our article: Live betting strategy



In conclusion, Champion Bet is one of the leading online betting sites and online casino sites in countries like Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda. So be sure to always have the best experience with them.

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