How Court Surfaces Affect Tennis Betting

June 08 2021


Tennis is among those sports that are played on different court surfaces and these surfaces do take effect on player’s performance on court. As a bettor this is very important for you to get an edge in the betting markets.

The tennis courts most common consist of:

  • Grass surface
  • Hard surface
  • Clay surface 

The Grass Surface 

The grass surface is mostly used for Wimbledon grand slam tournament in London England. Its difficulty in maintenance has made it much less popular for most tournaments to take on.

The grass-court surface texture makes it hard for the ball to bounce back and has very short volleys once it hits the ground. So for the soft or weak servers, this is difficult for them to hit wins unlike for the aggressive servers who have a better chance at giving off better serves that can result in big wins for them.

So if you are looking to bet on the Wimbledon tennis tournament, you should look out for the big servers like Roger Federer (known to be the greatest server of all time) and Serena Williams.

The Hard Surface 

The hard court surface is one of the most commonly used court surfaces for major tennis tournaments.

The hardcourt really tests true skill due to leveled ground for players to the playoff. There are no slow bounces, no slippery mishaps it’s just talent and skill oozing out. 

The most popular tournaments played on hard tennis courts are the Australian Open and the US Open.

Unlike with grass tennis courts, the great servers are at a disadvantage with hard tennis courts, might hit a lot of “out of court” losses.

You as a bettor should watch out for players with good serves accompanied by good return skills and skilled speed.

Some of the fast players to look out for are; Andy Murray, Michael Chong, Venus Williams, and Martina Hingis.

The Clay Surface 

With clay surface, a lot of unexpected results in tennis tournaments can take place. The French Open is the most famous tournament known to host their tennis matches on clay court surfaces at the famous Rolando Garros stadium in Paris, France.

The clay tennis surface can be wet or dry due to weather conditions and when wet, slippery mishaps are likely to happen, weird slow bounces of the ball of the ground that cause small volleys leading to unexpected results.

The clay surface might probably be the hardest tennis surface for most tennis players and only the quick and speedy players might be able to control the game. As for the big players who use their power in the game like Roger Federer are most likely to lose the game. In fact the legendary server has backed out of a lot of French Opens in his ongoing career.

Players to look out for are Rafael Nadal (known as the king of Clay) who has won about 13 French Open Grand Slams making him the most awarded male player in the French Opens.

Other tennis players equally quick include Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova and Simona Halep.


In conclusion about the effect tennis courts surface has on tennis player's performance, we can comfortably say it has a big impact and therefore as a bettor, you shouldn’t take it for granted and focus on analyzing which player performs best on which court to give you an advantage while betting on the tennis matches. 

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