Best Rugby Betting Strategies In 2021

July 07 2021

For every sport, betting strategies tend to differ especially when it comes to the available betting markets of each of the sport and Rugby sport be it the rugby union or rugby league are no different.  

Always find a valuable bet 

As a bettor who is looking for an opportunity to make money, you need to look out for bet types that will give you back your money’s worth of wages. A value bet is defined by the implied probability subtracted from the odds over a given period of time. In case of a positive result, then you are in for a profitable run and vice versa

 Always Check Up Team News for Any Injuries, Transfers and Stats on Performance

For team news, you should always look out for the prominent players in a team because their presence or absence can directly affect the performance of a team on the pitch.

Know your team strength and weakness

With Rugby, there are teams who have strengths and weaknesses in the different plays like kicks, tries, and drop goals and penalties.

For example, New Zealand team is known to be quite good at scoring through tries due to their tough speed on the pitch while South Africa is known for the powerful kicking game that results in also penalties on the pitch.

In case of a game between the two, you can’t place your bets on south Arica to have more try scores than New Zealand.

Carry out deep research on the betting market you want to place your rugby bets on

Different positioned players on the rugby pitch play are role too. For example, the players like the right-wingers, left-wingers and fullbacks of the team are known to score more tries than the flankers, center players.

So definitely their odds are less competitive than the others players in betting markets like the top try scorer and first try scorer.

Other general strategies that are frontal and important to any sports bettor include:

Budget Management 

As a bettor, always try to risk money that you are capable of losing in betting. Do not borrow or use money meant for other important stuff like tuition money or health expense. This gives you a much more unemotional betting experience with a clear head to make an informative decision.

With these strategies known to you, you can always carry out more research on your own especially on the rugby teams and great rugby players for you to truly get the sport and to enjoy it while you make money.

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