How to Bet and Win in Boxing Betting: Best Boxing betting strategies to follow in 2021

July 07 2021


Boxing betting strategies are more based on two participants other than 11 players in football. With two fighters to analyze it’s not quite hard to know where to place bets on.

Developing a strategy to follow in boxing betting might not seem too hard because picking a winner between two fighters has more chances of winning than placing a bet on which player will score a goal first in football.

Here are some factors to consider while you create a strategy for boxing betting:

Finding Value in the Betting Markets

 Finding Value in bets is probably the biggest or most important strategy for any bettor to take up in case he/she wants to make a profitable bet.

What is value? Value is the difference between the implied probability and the odds over a period of time. The implied probability can be implied from statistical research between the two fighters and the odds are provided by the online sports betting site you are placing your boxing bets with.

This principle can take you a long way even though its tough at first to calculate the value of your bets especially for beginners, it shouldn’t slow you down instead it will keep your head in the game canceling out ideas like blowing your count over a short period of time over emotional terminology.

 Looking Up the Fighters Records

With boxing, this is something you can’t overlook as a bettor because the fighters are holding it out and their performances directly affect their points of winning or losing unlike in football where a few players are significant.

 For example; is fighter A or B an aggressive puncher or a defender?

With aggressive and powerful punchers, there is likely to be a high rate of KO’s (Knock-Outs) in the fight and low chances of reaching up to 12 rounds in the match.

Some examples of boxers who fall in this caliber include: Anthony Joshua, Manny Pacquiao, Sergei Kovalev and Gennady Golovkin

While boxers with high defensive skills are known to result in fewer KO’s and can easily go the distance up to 12 rounds with persistence in their performance.

Such boxers that express defensive skills win on points credited on defense other than knockouts and are known to prolong the match.

Boxers that fall in this caliber include; Floyd May weather, Andre Ward 

With this information with you, while placing a bet you can weigh your options and decide on which fighter you want to back.

Example. The biggest boxing match of the century between the 5-time champion Floyd Mayweather and the then 6-time champion Manny Pacquiao in 2015 caused many millions of fans frustration when Floyd’s defensive style won the match over Manny’s powerful and aggressive punches.

Check out Recent but already played Match Results 

As the saying goes: “there is no animal more dangerous than a wounded one”. This applies to sports too!

In case of an embarrassing loss in their recent matches already played, this shows that they might have trained harder than usual and are more focused on this game to gain back their glory. This strategy applies to most of the know champions who feel reeked off their high horses after suffering a loss to their opponent.

Also, check out players who are on the rise and have recently beaten a major world-class opponent.

Look out for Attributes affecting the Focus of a Fighter before the fight 

Being focused is key when it comes to boxing especially in the training period for the fighters.

So you can check out whether a player has a bigger match on his schedule aside from the one you are betting on. This aspect can hugely affect the fighter’s performance for the upcoming match and he might decide to sideline the upcoming one and prepare to eat bigger fish.

Aside from that, their training camps might have some shakeups which can lead to unwarranted results of a fighter and also personal attributes like divorce, death of a loved one for any of the fighters can affect their results. 

Those are some of the aspects you need to build up a strategy for your boxing betting alongside good money management of the course and choosing the best online boxing betting site for you.

According to best accessibility and competitive odds, Champion Bet takes the lead in delivering to you a great online betting experience.

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