Best Boxing Betting Markets

July 07 2021

Unlike football or tennis, Boxing does not offer a variety of betting markets but that does not

 mean there are no exciting boxing markets with value for you as a bettor to make some money

Here are the most profitable boxing betting markets:

Round Betting 

This is very direct and as a bettor you just place a bet on the fighter that you think will win the round it can be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or any other round provided by your online betting site. This might be simple but it’s one of the hardest bets to execute but it has some of the most lucrative odds compared to other betting markets. As a bettor, you can back a fighter with high KO’s. KO is knock-outs and most of the fighters with high numbers of KO’s are vigorous and known to be punchers like Manny Pacquiao, Anthony Joshua.

Total Rounds 

With this bet, you are simply forecasting the number of rounds that will be played. Usually, there are 12 rounds in a professional boxing match and 8 rounds in an amateur boxing match. 

For this betting market, you can be given or set at 8.5 and you can place a bet on either less than 8.5 or more than 8.5. 

You can do your deeper analysis on the fighters and get to know who can be a durable one to last up to 12 matches or who is weaker and won’t last all rounds 


Winning Method 

We have looked at winning methods of matches like KO, by decision of judges, or by disqualification. So you can place a bet on either one of the fighters winning methods in the boxing match. 

The winning method betting market has competitive odds and you as a bettor can take advantage of this opportunity to cash out.

Match Results (Money Line)

The match result is the most direct betting market for any sport. Under this, all you have to do is place a bet on the fighter who is going to win the overall match.

For example Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul, You choose to place your bet on Floyd to win the match straight up.

The match results are one of the best and easiest betting markets out there and you can place your boxing bets at Champion Bet  

Groups of Winning Rounds

Here you place bets on the trio of rounds you think a particular fighter will win. These trios can be 1-3, 4-6, 7-10, and 10-12.

So you can make this decision by analyzing the fighters on board. For example, you can choose a fighter who is fast and has a lot of vigor at the beginning of the match to possibly win the first trio or you can choose to place a bet on a fighter who might be very resilient and consistent throughout the match to win the last trio of rounds an example; Floyd May weather whose know for resilience in the boxing ring.

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