How Is Boxing Scored and Different Weight Classes/Divisions

July 07 2021

Winning in boxing is by:

  • Knockout
  • Judge decision
  • Disqualification

A Knockout

A knockout in boxing is awarded to a fighter who punches hard with aggression towards their opponent and their opponent loses bearing in the ring for about 10 seconds. In the case of a knockout in a round, that round is automatically awarded to the knockout artiste. Keep in mind that around is about 3 minutes.

Judge’s decision (points decision)

 A judge’s decision always takes place when the fighters do the distance and fight till the 12th round in professional boxing.

When fighters do the distance, each round is appointed 10 points and the fighter is judged according to their skill set in the ring and awarded points after every round.

Disqualification (DQ)

The disqualification comes into play when the fight is stopped due to foul play by a fighter and violating of rules against their opponent which automatically crowns the fouled fighter as the winner of the round or bout.

How is Boxing Scored 

Scoring in professional boxing fights is by a 10 point system judged by 3 judges on the panel.

In the case of a fight where fighter A dominates the fight against fighter B, he/she is awarded 10 points and the fighter being awarded either 9 or 8 points.

In the case of knockouts, the KO artiste is awarded points while the knocked-out fighter loses a point while if both fighters are knocked out then points cancel themselves in that round.

Whereas in case of judges verdict of an even round each fighter will receive 10 points.

Boxing weight classes according to the professional boxing organizations 

 There are 17 weight classes in professional boxing and they are listed below in the order of lightweight to heavyweight:

  • Minimum weight- 105 pounds
  • Light flyweight -108pounds
  • Flyweight-112 pounds
  • Super flyweight-115 pounds
  • Bantam weight-118 pounds
  • Super bantam weight-122 pounds 
  • Feather weight-126 pounds
  • Super feather weight-130 pounds
  • Lightweight – 135 pounds
  • Super lightweight-140 pounds
  • Welt weight -147pounds 
  • Super welterweight-154 pounds
  • Middle weight-160 pounds
  • Super middle weight-168 pounds
  • Light heavyweight – 175 pounds
  • Cruise weight-175 pounds
  • Heavyweight- 200 pounds to unlimited

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