Different Types of Rugby Union and Rugby League Betting Markets in Africa

July 07 2021

These betting types apply to both Rugby Union and Rugby League and also the sevens rugby. We discuss the difference between the two codes in this article: Major Difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League.

With rugby, you can bet on both the tournament and match results.

Handicap Bet

As we have covered before handicap betting market gives an advantage to a perceived weak team and vice versa to a perceived stronger team.

In this case in case New Zealand (-10) vs. England (+10), if a bet is placed on New Zealand, they need to score over 11 points for the bet to win.

For a bet placed on England to be fruitful, England needs to lose by points not more than 10.

Match Result

This is straightforward, you as a bettor will have to choose the right end result of a match between the teams.

You either choose to back a team to win, draw or lose (1x2) in the match.

For example, South Africa winning against Japan during the international Rugby World cup in 2016.

First try Scorer 

This is very straightforward, all you have to do is choose the player you think will score the first try in either the first half or second half or from which team will the first try come from.

First Scoring play

Remember with rugby, there are different plays to score like try, penalty try, drop goal and penalty. So you can pick which play will result in the first score.

With this betting market, you should wait for the game to proceed to know which team could easily score first.

Top points scorer in a series or tournament

You will back the rugby player regardless of the team or national who you think will score the most points in a series or tournament.

Here you should be very well informed to make a decision like this like you need to be in the know of some of the greatest players in the game and their stats.

Top Try Scorer 

With this betting market focus on the tries scored by a player in a tournament or rugby series match. Here you can place your bet on the player regardless of the team they play for who you expect to have the most try scores after the tournament.

Again here you will have to make research on most players especially their ways of play and the stats behind them to make an informed decision.

With these being the most popular and valuable rugby betting markets, you need to check out the Best Rugby Betting Strategies In 2021 to provide you with solid information to help you succeed in Rugby betting.

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