Best Online Betting Sites in Uganda

January 24 2021 TOP 10

Online betting in Uganda is gradually becoming a trend among peers especially football lovers.

And what better time than now during these uncertain times would be the best time for you to join this bandwagon and make all your bets straight up from your mobile phone.

 Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the safest option for betting is online betting and this articles main purpose is to unveil to you some of the best and legit online betting sites in Uganda

Here are some of those handpicked due to their 100% legitimacy in this industry of online betting in Uganda and approved by the National Gaming Board Uganda;

Champion bet Uganda

 Originally founded in 2013, Champion bet Uganda has quickly risen to fame amongst football lovers as one of their most sought go to online betting sites in Uganda. Some of the reasons I would recommend Champion bet Uganda is their generous bonuses, yeah you heard that right! live betting with 24 hour live results by champion bet Uganda is also available for you.

Champion bet Uganda also hosts online virtual games like virtual soccer to bet on. So There is always something you can bet on and never be bored.

If you’re ready click here to join championbet and receive amazing bonus offers and extra bonuses of up to 30% of every winning you make into your account.


BetON Uganda

Formerly known as BETIN Uganda, BetOn is one of the most trusted and popular online betting sites in Uganda. Managed by MENA sports Consulting Ltd in Uganda.  BetOn is known for its great odds and great combinations of bets. Beton is also very lenient with their customers so they built a lite mobile version of their website. So if you are big on mobile data saving then BetOn Uganda is your best option here.


Betway Sports Uganda

 Betway Uganda’s popularity in Uganda is mainly accredited to the numerous free bets given to their new customers and a lot of Bet way jackpots where a lucky winner is likely to win lots of prizes and huge sums of money. Betway’s free bets has attracted a lot of customers to their online betting site in the last couple of years and its showing no signs of slowing down.


1XBet Uganda   

1xbetuganda is quite new to the online betting industry in Uganda but it’s one of the leading online betting sites worldwide having been founded way back in 2007.  1xBet Uganda has got exciting different welcome bonuses and also accepts many deposit& payment methods including Bitcoin.

1xbet Uganda is widely known for its cash-out feature (this lets you cut your losses or profit by withdrawing early when the bets are starting to go downhill for you).


Betpawa Uganda

Betpawa Uganda is one of those highly developed online betting sites and with the largest coverage in the Africa market.

Betpawa is highly recommended for those who have little money to place bets. You can bet with as little as 1UGX!  And also get a chance to participate in jackpots to win more prizes in form of cash.

 Another thing that you wouldn’t want to miss is that Betpawa offers a win bonus of up to 500% on all your wins and you can get to choose bet types from a wide selection of up to 45 maximum selections.


Bunga bet Uganda

Being new to the scenery of online betting in Uganda, Bunga Bet shows no sign of slacking behind. With its introduction to Uganda in 2017, Bunga bet Uganda is standing out of the ordinary, Just like 1xbet it also offers the cash-out feature to their customers so as to cut losses (which I believe is a good advantage for the punters) .

Aside from that, Bunga bet Uganda offers amazing cash bonuses of up to 100% on winnings of bets with more than 1 selection.


Sports Betting Africa (SBA) Uganda

If you are a football fanatic, then you probably have heard of SBA Uganda because it has a lot of presence on the ground (physically) and so does online too.

SBA Uganda gives you the opportunity to bet on simulated Reality Leagues (SRL) whereby matches are based on the real performance of teams to predict what could happen if they were to play against each other. This is a great chance for you to cash out even if there are no fixtures in a day or a week which means no dull day for you.


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