MMA Betting: Beginner’s Guide 2021

July 07 2021


MMA also known as mixed martial arts or cage fighting is a highly combative sport where two fighters attempt at achieving a dominant advantage over their opponent by incorporating combat techniques like striking, ground fighting, holds, fighting area control and finishing off your opponent.

MMA   is slowly getting the attention of mainstream betting and worldwide popularity with the pay-per-view business competing against professional wrestling and boxing therefore as a bettor this provides you with a lot of opportunities to take advantage of to make some big cash off of it.

MMA is played by both genders female and male worldwide

With the fight between a professional boxer Muhammad Ali and a professional Japanese wrestler, Antonio Inoki in 1976 inspired the foundation of the pride fighting Championships which later gave way to the UFC ( Ultimate Fighting Championships) the biggest MMA fighting organization in the world.

Understanding MMA Play Rules 

MMA more known as cage fighting is one where 2 fight contenders and follow the 10 point score system and the MMA time limits are either 3 five minutes at a professional level or 5 five minutes at the championships fights.

 MMA allows fights in up to 9 different weight classes from flyweight to super heavyweight classes unlike boxing with over 17 weight classes or divisions.

The sport is excessively combated with two categories of techniques:

  • Striking( with kicks, punches, elbowing and kneeing your opponent) 
  • Grabbling ( with pinning your opponent, throwing, takedowns, submission holding)

How Is MMA Scored?

Knock out: this is where a fighter isn’t able to continue to legally accept strikes and his/ her opponent is considered the winner.

A technical Knockout: This is done by the referee in the case where a fighter is caught up in a very dominant situation raised by their opponent and they can’t defend themselves or when a fighter is likely to lose consciousness or a fighter seems to have an injury.

The decision by judges: this only is used when math goes the distance and the judge judges according to skill showed but these decisions are organization bound ie it depends on the rules set by each MMA organization.

Submission: here the fighter just admits defeat by tapping the floor 

Corner stoppage: here the fighter’s corner stops the fight and throws in the towel.

Retirement: the fighter can either be too tired or exhausted to continue the fight 

Others include Doctor’s stoppage, Forfeit and Disqualification.

At least this can keep you in the light of different ways MMA is scored to help you find opportunities in MMA betting markets.

Popular MMA Organizations to Bet On


The UFC is the largest and most popular top tier MMA organization globally and it features most of the top elite MMA champion fighters.

Most online sports bookmakers focus on the UFC mostly because it has wide coverage with a wide market pool with over hundreds of thousands willing to wager on UFC fights.

As a bettor it’s better to focus on UFC if you want to pull in profits.

Some of the best current UFC champions to look out for include: Francis Ngannou, Israel Adesanya, Kamara Usman, Charles Oliveira, Alexander Volkanovski and Aljamain Sterling and so many others.

Other MMA organizations also worth betting on include: Bellator MMA, Invicta FC, One Championship, PFL and Rizin.

Best/ Recommended MMA Online Betting Site in Africa

There is no other online betting site equivalent to   Champion Bet when it comes to listing some of the most profitable MMA betting markets for their customers.

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This is really helpful for online bettors to cash in during live matches too!

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