NFL Betting Strategies/Tips To Follow: Beginner’s Guide

July 08 2021


Most of the time it’s advisable to develop a strategy when it comes to American football and purely learn the sport first other than relying on pure luck because you are bound to lose on this super risky luck.

Here are some tips you can take along the way as you develop your strategy during the long run:


Check Out the Weather Forecast for the Day of the Game

This will give you clarity especially if you look forward to betting on the totals over/under betting market in the NFL. Usually, during times with bad weather, fewer goals tend to be scored and this can direct you on whether to choose under or over when it comes to totals of points scored.

Keep up with the Team’s Analysis

So long as you are planning to bet on a certain team, it’s curbing the risk if you check out the team’s rest period during the season. 

Injuries obtained by some of the prominent players like excellent quarterbacks can easily affect the game in case he doesn’t show up on the pitch. 

The team’s current loss or win whether it was home or away can also affect their future performance in the game.

You can also compare the teams going to face off statistically and draw your own conclusion.

Analyzing the Home team and the Away team

The home teams are more likely to win a game against the away team either during the playoffs or just regular season with over a 60% chance since 2002.

This is due to factors like the budding home-based fans, the away team is likely too tired from the travels and the morale boost gotten from the fans to do much better on home soil.

 This tip can help you place bets on the match result betting market.

Live Betting Strategy

This is both a betting market and a betting strategy you can use. As a strategy, you can take advantage of the fact that the oddsmakers are in a rush to create odds for example during halftime, odds are created based on the 1st half of the game so you might as well grab value as you bet against the obvious with greater chances of winning.

Select Teams on the Current Winning Form

With NFL, teams tend to be more aggressive as the season progresses therefore for the winning teams that are already scoring will most likely keep scoring until the end of the season and are quite difficult to beat but also don’t forget other factors come into play like injuries so always make informed decisions regardless of the obvious.

Other general tips include great budget management where you should risk what you can’t afford to lose.

Choosing the right online betting site for NFL betting that offers great odds for you. In this case we concluded on Champion Bet topping the list. 

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