Popular NFL Betting Markets

July 08 2021


Now that we have covered the part of briefly knowing how American football is scored, the best, online betting site for NFL betting (Champion Bet) and some of the popular teams and stars, now we bring you the best NFL betting markets you can place bets on.

 American football might not be so popular amongst punters in Africa like football but this shouldn’t stop you from learning the basics of the game and even become a fan as you bet on NFL.

Handicap NFL Betting Market

 Handicap meaning doesn’t change regardless of the sport. With the handicap bet, one squad is given a disadvantage over the perceived underdog squad.  Typically for a bet on the favorite to win, they should surpass the number of points given and for a bet on the underdog to win, the underdog must not lose by more than the points put forward or outright win the match 

In a case like Dallas Cowboys (+3) and the Seattle Sea Hawks (-3). The score is 23-30 

Any bet placed on the Seahawks will win because they won with 7 points which are greater than 3 points of handicap.

 Totals Over/Under 

Here you choose whether the total number of points scored by both squads is either under or over a given number by the online sports betting site.

 For example Champion Bet offers a total of 45 points for a game between Saints VS Falcons and the end score is 20-23.

For a bet placed on 45 under will win this wager.


The totals of scored points at the end of the game can either be an odd number or even. For odds example: 11,13,15,21 and the even scores: 10,12,14,22,20,40,50.

Highest Scoring Quarter

The highest-scoring quarter betting market lets you place your wagers on which quarter of the game period will have the most scored points by both squads.

This is betting market is profitable and can quite easily be predicted especially for the 1st and 3rd quarters are likely to be the high scoring quarters but again it depends on the teams you are dealing with.


Here you place a bet on a squad you think will win at halftime and at full-time. 

For example for a match like Dallas Cow Boys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you can choose cowboys/cowboys, Draw/Draw, buccaneers/cowboys, buccaneers/buccaneers and cowboys/buccaneers.

This betting market has some of the best odds you can find.

Will there be overtime

Here you place a bet on whether there will be an overtime period or not. An overtime period is given when there is a draw.

Outright Winner

The outright winner is where you choose a squad to win the season of NFL. For example, you can place on the Patriots or Packers who hold the most titles to win the season but though it still doesn’t guarantee they will win.

Always lookout for the teams you feel are doing well during the season and any transfers where necessary.

An example of Tom Brady’s move from the Patriots to the Buccaneers might have fueled their title win the season of NFC championships 2020.

Match results (1x2)

Here you can place your bets on the home win, a draw or an Away win.

Match Results

This is a straight-up bet on which squad is going to win the match.

In-Play Betting/Live Betting

With live betting, you get to experience all the action and you can even place bets on who is going to score the next touchdown and enjoy crazy point-to-point betting.

With a 24/7 results tracker, Champion Bet offers you all live stats plus live-action to help you bet on your favorite squads.

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