Is NFL Betting Profitable Online?

July 08 2021


NFL is not too new on the scene of sports but when it comes to betting a lot of African punters aren’t too accustomed to it as much as they are accustomed to the real OG sport which is football tournaments like the English Premier League, La Liga, Euro League, and so many other soccer or football leagues.

The reason being is American football is the biggest sport in the USA as real football is the biggest and most-watched sport in Africa.

As a bettor who is looking forward to expanding criteria or someone who is interested in learning the sport of American football, this shouldn’t discourage you because for bettors, most legit online betting sites offer American football as a sport and NFL as the main tournament to bet on and you can learn more about the sport on different sports media channels like Sky Sports.

All these points out the fact that while American football is new to African bettors, there is a lot of potential and opportunities in this not so well versed betting market

Here are some key points to note that will give you the morale to pursue NFL Betting online:


The Favorites Rarely Lose the Game

With American football, the favorite squads rarely lose their games which lessen the surprises which are given by other sports like football and boxing that leave their fans entirely frustrated with the outcomes.

It is known for the American football favorite squads to have over a 60% rate of winning against the underdogs.

This is quite safe for any beginner to bet on the sport and maintain a reasonably profitable journey.

NFL Teams Are Quite Easy To Catch Up To

The sport of American Football is only played in parts of North America and mainly in the USA. This narrows down the number of teams you can easily get to know which sum up to 32 professional teams which participate in the NFL unlike football/soccer that has a lot of teams worldwide and it’s up to you to narrow down what you find more profitable.

In addition to that, there are some prominent players that are quite famous if not for their football then at least for dating supermodels and actresses. This attribute lets you interact with these stars on social media platforms and get to know what is happening that can easily affect their play.

The most prominent players are of the position of Quarterbacks (known for being the best of the best of the squad)

NFL Information Is Easily Available 

The sport of American football might not be so popular amongst African punters but that can easily change because there is a lot of information out there where it concerns the squads involved in NFL and also there are live games broadcasted on most sports channels around the continent.

There are also social media platforms that encourage sports discussions like Twitter, Reddit forums and so much more.

This gives you an opportunity to enjoy the game and also bet on opportunities you can spot.

Too Many Time Periods of the Game

Unlike football/soccer, American football has four quarters during the game and possible overtime in case of a draw.

These 4 time periods only last 15 minutes each. This can provide so much value, especially you are live betting because odd makers are bound to make mishaps during the short period of breaks.

This can be your opportunity to place quick but conscious bets in between these periods. 

With these points in place, we believe you can now place your fears aside and dive into NFL  betting and make some profits.

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