NFL Betting: A beginners Guide

July 08 2021


NFL is the biggest and most followed American football league in the world or should we say in the USA.

A lot of people here a lot of NFL even more than the actual sport which is American football.

American football is the epitome of sports in the USA besides basketball and it's more dominant there than in another country but this factor shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the sport and much less wagering/betting on the sport.

 Understanding the game of American football

American football was first played in 1869 in New Jersey, USA and this sport is a go-between for both rugby and football rules.

American football is the most popular sport in the USA according to ESPN both at professional levels and college level. This sport has brought some great athletes into the spotlight for example Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes.

The sport is played between two teams with each team consisting of 11 players each and the objective is for an offensive team to score more points against the defensive team throughout the 60-minute game through scoring methods like:

  • Touchdowns: these total up to 6 points and it results when a ball in play is taken to the opposing team’s end zone
  • Points after conversion
  • Field goals
  • Safeties

The time period is 60 minutes with two halves of 30 minutes and 4 quarters of 15 minutes and these time intervals are great for a bettor to know especially when it comes to the betting markets that involve the different time intervals.

Popular American football Tournaments to bet on


As we discussed before the NFL (National Football League) is the most popular American league tournament to bet on in the history and presence of American football.

The NFL was founded over 100 years ago and it constitutes of 32 professional teams divided into 2 conferences with each consisting of 16 teams with all these competing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The conferences are the national football conference and the American Football Conference with each team playing up to 18 games with the final game being the super bowl played between the NFC champion and the AFC champion.

Most NFL games are played on Sunday and rarely on other days of the week.

Some of the teams to look out for include:  Packers( with the most number of NFL titles), Titans, Jaguars, Cowboys, Texans, Seahawks, Raiders, Buccaneers, Saints, Bears, Colts, Chiefs, Dolphins, Bengals and Vikings.

Some of the NFL stars you should look out for include: Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, Nick Foles, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Todd Gurley and Khalil Mack.

Recommended Online Betting Site for NFL Betting in Africa

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