Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: Betting Tips

July 08 2021


After the long wait, Tokyo Olympics is finally here and the fans and punters are extremely excited about this. The Tokyo Olympics was originally set to happen in 2020 but due to the global Coronavirus, it was further re-scheduled for 2021.

First played in 1896 in Greece, the Olympics sports event is the biggest event in sports worldwide with different athletes from different countries looking to participate and walk away with the gold medals, so it’s not surprising at all when millions of fans around the world anticipate watching the Olympics.

Now that it’s finally here, the Olympics this summer will kick off on July 23 2021 till August 8 2021 and will feature 33 different Olympic sports.

So buckle up and get ready for day-to-day sports activities that will crash at the Olympics 2021.

Popular Olympic Sports to Bet On

 There are certain Olympic sports games that take the spotlight and seem to be the main focus for both fans and the bettors and these include:


This sport always takes the main focus when it comes to the Olympics and most swim athletes are o looking forward to it winning some gold medals. 

Whether backstrokes, freestyles or breaststrokes with different distance races, swimming has been dominated by USA individual swimmers like Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte to name a few.

As for the Tokyo summer Olympics, Caeleb Dressel who is team USA might likely steal the show this time around too with over 6 gold medals at the last swimming world championships under his belt, the world is eager to see him pass the same energy at the Olympics.

Athletics (Track and Field)

This is usually the first and most anticipated sports event at the Olympics with long-distance runs and short sprinting.

We have seen athletes like Usain Bolt from Jamaica, Elaine Thompson winning gold medals back to back but currently, it also appears that the USA team is dominating with athletes like Shaunae Miller-Uibo (200meters and of 400meters), Shelly-Ann Fraser (100m for Women) from Jamaica, Noah Lyles (who is currently the fastest man alive after Usain Bolt’s retirement) from the USA, Allyson Miller from the USA and Trayvon Bromell for the 100meters Sprint Men with team USA.

The track runner distances for both women and men include; 100m,200m,400m,800m,1500m,5000m,10,000m being the most common and most watched.

With Field sports, there is the high jump, Pole’s Vault, Long and Triple jump, Shot Put, Discus Throw, Hammer’s throw, Javelin throw, race walk, men’s decathlon and women’s Heptathlon.


Gymnastics has gained traction when it comes to being among the top most popular and entertaining sports events at the Olympics ever since 1896.

Gymnast stars to look out for: Simone Biles (from the USA) who might just be the best gymnast in history and might likely take the gold medal too.


Tennis has been a part of the Olympics sports since 1896 plus it’s come back fully in 1988 makes it a no surprise for the sports’ popularity at the Olympics.

Most world tennis stars are to participate in the event with the likes of Andy Murray from Great Britain, Roger Federer representing Switzerland, Novak Djokovic (from Serbia), and Naomi Osaka who is surprisingly representing Japan at the tennis Olympics.

Unfortunately, Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal withdrew from participating in the Olympics 2021

Those can be great betting opportunities for the punter who would love to bet on the tennis Olympics.


Cycling is one of the oldest sports games to be featured on the first modern Olympic games in 1896 and there are quite a number of different cycling events like Track cycling, Road cycling, BMX and BMX freestyle for both men and women.

In cycling Olympics events, Great Britain is known to dominate with stars like Laura Kenny and Rohan Dennis who are known for their gold medals in the past and likely to also win the gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics too.


Basketball definitely attracts some great spotlight at the Olympics too with the USA national basketball team still dominating the number of gold medals won in the past for both men and women.

But that doesn’t mean other national teams aren’t challenging enough and these include; Australia, Argentina, Japan, Spain, France and Nigeria who also star teams are bringing their A-game to the Basketball Olympics.

Some other sports to look out for include; Martial Arts (karate, taekwondo, wrestling and judo), Football and Rowing Coxless Fours.

Live Betting on the Tokyo Olympics 2021

Just like for any sport event like The English Premier League, The Olympics also has available live betting markets, therefore, no restrictions to only wagering before the event.

This feature might not be available for all 33 sports games at the Olympics but at least for sports like Tennis and Marathons, live betting is an option a punter can take.

 Recommended Online Betting site for Olympics 2021 Betting

As bettors get more fired up with anticipation on placing their Olympic bets, the question of where can I place a bet on my Tokyo Olympics 2021 favorites?

Well, there are plenty of options for that but Champion Bet might take the lead as on best online sports betting sites for Olympics betting in 2021 because they offer attractive betting odds and great welcome bonuses with profitable promotions to their players.

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Best Tokyo Olympics Betting Tips you should know 

While there isn’t a guaranteed strategy to 100% success on sports betting, these brief tips can help you develop a personalized strategy to curb your risks and help in making informed decisions towards placing your wagers.

Stick to the Sports Games You Actually Know and Keep on Board with Industry Sports Experts

The Olympics has over 30 sports games you can bet on but that doesn’t mean you should bet on all these games. You should pick a few and popular games you know about and sort of familiar with some of the athletes involved and stay away from games you nothing about to steer away from bad choices. These rare games include; badminton, water polo or weight lighting.

  Dig into records of recently concluded Olympics and world sports championships 

Most of the athletes we know of that are current stars or former stars at the Olympics have evolved from championships titles and are known to have won Olympic medals after that with the likes of Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Elaine Thompson and Mo Farah.

So it’s safe to say most of these athletes after winning a world championship are most likely to win a national medal at the Olympics too.

With example of Caeleb Dressel who currently holds 7 swimming world championships medals is heavily expected to win the Olympics gold medal this summer.

Also, try to keep up with the former Olympic gold medalists from Rio 2016 Olympics because they are likely to win again if the competitors aren’t perceived to be strong. 

 Watch the Tokyo Olympics 2021 Live Stream 

Try to take time out of your day and watch the games’ live-action more so if you’re looking forward to place live bets while the game is ongoing.

This benefits punters who are looking forward to bet on track splints and long-distance running where you can easily determine a winner based on how they are set before they kick-off.

Where to Watch the Tokyo Olympics 2021?

Supersport channel is to broadcast all the Olympic Games on all their 8 channels all over the continent of Africa 

Supersport channels include; Supersport 1 to 8 plus Supersport Blitz bringing in all the daily breaking news surrounding the Olympics.

All these Supersport channels are aired on Dstv and Gotv and Startimes with DStv going further ahead to extend live streaming features through Showmax.

You can also watch the live streams on any of the above digital satellite services’ websites, social platforms and device apps. 


In conclusion, the Tokyo Olympics 2021 will heavily be dominated by the USA teams especially in sports like track splinting, long jumps, gymnastics, swimming and basketball so while looking for value try not to miss out on some of the athletes from the USA.

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