What Are the Most Common Boxing Styles a Boxing Bettor Should Know?

July 09 2021


Knowing some of your favorite boxing champion’s boxing styles is a win or you because it will help you predict how most likely the fight will turn out at the end.

 There are 4 most common boxing styles or techniques you should know.

These techniques include:

  • The Out boxer
  • The slugger
  • The boxer-puncher
  • The swarmer

The out boxer 

The out boxer is likely to be faster and quicker on his feet than their opponent which makes up for their lack of strength. They maintain a gap between them and their opponent but are known for long punches and are most likely to win by a Judge’s decision and are more likely to go the distance

The out boxers always have a powerful defense against very aggressive boxer punchers and are known to be more discipline fighters in the ring. 

Some of the most famous out boxers are Floyd Mayweather, Oscar de la Hoya, Jack Jackson,


The Slugger

 Slugger boxers are often known for their slow but calculated and predictable vigorous punches with a specific aim or lead. A slugger isn’t with a lot of defense such as the out boxer and might lack the speed of an out boxer but can easily punch through an opponent’s guard with aggression and power when an opportunity presents itself which can lead to knockouts.

But due to the high level of predictability of their slow punches, they are quite at risk of often encountering several punches from their opponent.

You can spot a slugger on the ring with how slow they are and never really dance around or overcrowd their opponent.

Current professional slugger boxers include:  Adam Kownacki, Lara Erislandy

The Boxer-Puncher

The boxer-puncher is predicted to be the strongest and most effective fighter on the ring with a combination of both qualities of the slugger and the out boxer.

The boxer-puncher is known to have easy mobility, strength, skill and accurate footwork accompanied with easily serving out big hits where necessary.

The Out boxer can play any of the other styles where it favors them.

Currently, known boxer punchers include: Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, Sergey Kovalev, and Gennady Golovkin, Canelo Alvarez

The Swarmer

Swarmer fighters are known to be aggressive and always chasing their opponents around the ring and are known to be crowders like a swarm of bees over their opponent.

A relatively small fight ring is an advantage to the swarmer fighter because it gives little escape space for their opponents.

They are also equally known for aggressive punches and can also take in punches too without being knocked off easily.

Famous swarmer boxers now include:  Manny Pacquiao

Some boxers are known to be very dynamic and can use more than the style of boxing like Tyson Fury known to be a complete boxer who easily adapts to any boxing style.

Other categories of boxers include:


A southpaw fighter uses the left hand as opposed to an orthodox fighter who uses the right hand and can offset their opponents much easily from the opposite side of things.

Some natural southpaw fighters are: Manny Pacquiao

Switch Hitters

These are known to fight both in the orthodox and southpaw stance. Switch hitters tend to confuse their opponents by using both stances in the ring.

Some of the famous switch hitters include: Tyson Fury, Terence Crawford

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