Most Profitable MMA Betting Markets You Need To Know

July 09 2021


MMA betting markets are much more similar to boxing betting markets but only much more diverse as explained below

The Outright winner

This betting market is the most straightforward betting market in any sport. It’s all about placing a bet on the overall winner of the MMA fight.  

For example, you place a bet on Anderson Silva to win. The odds are 1.70, the bet you placed equates to $100 that means if the event goes ahead as planned and he wins then your return is $170 in total with $70 being the profit.

The outright winner is very common and still remains the most direct of betting markets and you can access this betting market on Champion Bet


Method of victory Bet

As discussed in our previous article about the numerous ways MMA is scored examples being

  • Knockouts
  • Disqualification
  • By submission 
  • By decision

Those being the most popular methods of victory in MMA, you can place a bet on which method will lead to the victory of a fighter.


For example, Conor McGregor to win by knock-out with odds of 1.50 and you stake $100, that means you will earn back $150 in case Conor knocks out an opponent and wins the fight with $50 being the profit.

Handicap Bets

This is probably not that common in MMA betting but it can be very profitable to you.

Here the perceived weaker fighter is given a points advantage over their much perceived stronger opponent.

The handicap on the part of the weaker fighter is represented by a (+) and on the side of the stronger fighter it’s represented by (-)

Here the stronger fighter should overcome the handicap for this bet on to be successful 

Example: Khabib Nurmagomedov to win the fight with a handicap of -3  and the final results are 50-45 with Khabib scoring 50 meaning the wager will have positive returns since he scored and won by 5 points which are definitely more than the handicap of -3.

Card Bets

This is a betting market where you get to bet on the respective winners of the fights scheduled during a certain period.  

For example:  in one night there are like 6 or more matches because the fights don’t last longer than 15 minutes.  You bet on fighter A to win the first fight, then fighter B to win the second match.


Round Bet

Under the round bet, you place a bet on a fighter you think is capable of winning the first round or second or third round of the MMA fight.

 This is one of the betting markets with the most competitive odds in the market and only deep researchers and punters who follow the game and keep up with the styles and stats of MMA champions are likely to profit.

Go the distance Bet

Under the go the distance betting market, you place a bet on the possibility of the fight finishing after the 3 rounds or 5 rounds.

The 3 rounds fight is for normal MMA matches while the champion fights or fights of the night go for 5 rounds.

In this case, it usually depends on the styles of striking and grappling used by the MMA fighters involved in the match.

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