Best bonuses offered by online betting sites in Uganda 2021

January 24 2021 TOP 10

A lot of betters usually look for online betting sites that give out some amazing bonuses to their customers. Now let’s get real here who doesn’t want some free cash thrown their way from time to time. This article is going to help you to identify some of the best bonuses offered by different online betting sites in Uganda.

Champion bet Uganda

As you might know champion bet Uganda is one of the most generous online betting sites in Uganda and that is why it tops our list amongst bonus givers.

Champion bet is offering a 1000 free bet points welcome bonus to all its first-time customers.

Champion bet Uganda is also offering a solid extra bonus of up to 30% on all your winnings depending on the selections made. All your selections need to be 5 and above and each selection needs to have odds not less than 1.20 for you to enjoy these juicy bonuses from champion bet Uganda and this offer is here to stay so why not join the Champion bet Uganda and also enjoy this bonus for as long as it’s here.

Champion bet is offering a 1000 free bet points welcome bonus

Join Champion Bet Uganda now to enjoy these big free offers now!



1Xbet Uganda

1Xbet Uganda is one of those online betting sites that are quite generous. 1XbetUganda offers you a whole 200% as a welcome bonus on your first deposit. Your deposit is supposed to be 4000 UGX and above for you to enjoy your 200% welcome bonus with up to 400,000 UGX just in bonuses

Why not grab on to this now Join 1XBET Uganda to enjoy this bonus offer!

Betway Sports Uganda

Betway Sports Uganda is also giving out bonuses but in the form of free bets of up to 200,000 UGX on your first deposit plus a 50% bonus of your first deposit, that is a great bonus you can’t afford to miss out on.

Join Betway Sports Uganda and enjoy t=your welcome bonus

Betpawa Uganda

As of now you should be familiar with Betpawa Uganda as a better because it is the cheapest to start off with the lowest minimum deposit and along with that give out some of the biggest bonuses ever. The most exciting is my pawa of up to 500%-win bonus on all your winnings

But just like any other online betting site, Betpawa Uganda also has some conditions in order for you to qualify for this bonus and the condition says that you need to place a multi-bet with 3 legs or more.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity. Join Betpawa Uganda now and enjoy this win bonus of up to 500%!


Sports Betting Africa (SBA Uganda)

Sports Betting Africa or mostly known as SBA Uganda is also running some great extra bonuses   But the best of them all is the MEGA BONUS where you are awarded up to 250% extra cash on all your winnings. But just like any free thing this MEGA BONUS does have a condition which is you need to make 3 up to 25 and above selections on your bets to qualify which isn’t at all hard for you!

So why not join SBA Uganda to enjoy this MEGA BONUS of up to 250% of all your winnings

Bunga bet Uganda

Bunga Bet Uganda currently is offering a bonus of up to 100% cashback bonus on all your winnings. And all you must do to qualify for this is have more than 2 selections on a placed bet. I bet this isn’t hard for any of you to do. Why not make this money after all?

Join Bunga bet Uganda now to get your hands on this fruitful 100%-win bonus!

Gal Sport Betting Uganda (GSB)

Gal Sport Betting Uganda used to be an on-ground betting station with an only physical location but of recent Gal Sports Betting Uganda has become one of the best online betting sites in Uganda and with this turn they have taken it has come with some amazing bonuses you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

The most being the 100% WELCOME BONUS for their online customers on your first deposit!

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