How to bet on Rugby Online: A beginner’s Guide

July 09 2021


History of Rugby Game

Rugby was first played in England in the 19th century and has gradually gained popularity in the European and Commonwealth countries (countries colonized by the British) like South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

It’s also  in  37 African countries like South Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritius, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana and just to name a few. Rugby Africa is the body governing the rugby union in Africa.

Guessing by its popularity in most African countries with up to 33% increase in participation, Rugby is definitely a sport you wouldn’t want to miss out betting on whether you are a big fan or not, you can still take the opportunity and make money.

What is Rugby union?

Rugby union or rugby is known to be a cruel game on the pitch with the players expressing skills like rough tackles by players, speed and powerful knocks.

As mentioned above, Rugby union is most popular in countries like South Africa, the UK, New Zealand and Australia. So if you are keen enough you need to pay attention to the rugby teams from the countries mentioned.

Rugby union is played mostly by 15 member teams with up to 8 substitutes while the rugby league constitutes 13 members. The objective is for a rugby team to score more points than their counterpart to win the match by the defending side stopping the player with the ball by either tackles, mauling or scrumming which we will cover in detail in the article Understanding Terms in Rugby.

Scoring points in rugby are done through tries, conversion kick scores, drop goals and penalty kicks.

  This game involves the players being in full body contact with other players and the oval rugby ball can be passed, kicked and tackled by the players.

The rugby game is divided into two 40 minute periods with a 15-minute break in between.

In rugby union, ties are not accepted therefore extra time period is given to outmatch the scores and for you as a bettor this provides you with a variety of lucrative betting markets to choose from.

Difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union

It’s quite confusing between the two codes especially given the much similarity with only a few differences.

One, in particular, is that rugby union is recognized and more popular worldwide and rugby league is more of an elite game,

Aside from that, the numbers of team players in the rugby league are a total of 13 as opposed to the 15 players in the rugby union.

In-depth we shall cover some of the differences in the article Major Differences between Rugby Union and Rugby League Every Rugby Sports Bettor Should Know 

 Major Rugby Tournaments to Bet On

The Rugby tournaments are grouped in two codes:

The Rugby Union and the Rugby League 

Under the Rugby Union Tournaments

Rugby World Cup Betting 

Just like the football world cup, the rugby world cup is played every after 4 years and over 20 different countries are to compete and it has been played since 1987 with South Africa being the reigning winner against England in 2019.

Six Nations Championship

This is a yearly regional tournament for the Northern Hemisphere and it's held in Europe with participating teams like England, Italy, Scotland, France and Ireland.

The Tri-Nation Championship

 The Tri-nation championship is a regional tournament for the Southern hemisphere with participating countries like  South Africa, New Zealand and Australia just to name a few. 

The Super Rugby

This is a professional  annual championship for the southern hemisphere  region with professional teams like the sharks,Stormers, Brumbies,Reds,Waratahs,Blues and so many other professional teams originating from either New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

Pro 14 also currently known as United Rugby Championship

This is a professional European Rugby tournament that qualifies teams to participate in the European Rugby Championships Cup formerly known as the Heineken Cup. 

The format of this tournament is teams being split into 4 regional pools of the Irish, The Welsh, The South African, Scottish and Italian pools which pool consisting of 4 teams who will face off.

The South African Currie Cup 

 The Currie cup is a South African professional rugby tournament for only South African teams like a Western province, Blue Bulls, Cheetahs, Leopards, Lions, and Sharks (some of the professional South African)

Other tournaments to look out for:

Under The Rugby League Tournaments 

 Rugby League World cup 

The rugby league world cup was first played in 1954 in France and is known to be the top-tier men’s international rugby league for national teams worldwide.

At the moment the rugby league boosts 16 national teams and it’s held every after 3 years.

Some of the countries involved include Australia (with the most titles), New Zealand, Great Britain, South Africa, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


Rugby League European Championship

The Rugby league European championship is the oldest founded rugby league tournament ever with its first game held in 1935.

This championship is a continental tournament representing national teams within Europe but still, some other countries did make appearances here and there but currently boasts of 6 national teams participating.

With the European rugby league championship, England holds the most titles followed by France.


Oceania Cup

The Oceania Cup tournament was founded recently in 2019 with team participants from countries like Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga at the national level.

Currently, the Australian team holds the first Oceania Cup title.

Americas Rugby League championship

The Americas Rugby League championship was officially founded in 2016 and is an international rugby league championship with 4 national teams contesting which are: 

  • Canada 
  • Chile
  • Jamaica
  • USA

MEA Championship  

The Middle East- Africa Rugby League competition was organized for the national rugby league teams from the Middle East and Africa.

Currently the MEA boosts of about 6 national teams contesting for the MEA championship and these teams are from countries:

  • Nigeria
  • Lebanon
  • South Africa
  • Morocco
  • Cameroon
  • Ghana

Ever since its inaugural season in 2015, Nigeria and Lebanon are known to e holders of the title of 2019 and 2015 respectively.





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