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August 04 2021

History of Baseball

Baseball is the sport that was first played back in the 18th century in England but was later reinvented in the United States in the 19th century. The first formal baseball governing organization was formed in the year 1867 and was named the National Association of Base Ball Players.

The baseball sport was dimmed the national past time during those times until the National League was formed in 1876 and the American League was introduced in 1893 alongside baseball game rules used in the modern times

However much baseball is a sport for all now, back then it was racially integrated with African Americans not accepted to play alongside their white counterparts which backed up the decision to form the first Negro National League that operated until 1931 and in 1947, the legendary Robinson the race barrier when he debuted with the dodgers team.

In addition to that, the National League and American League were dissolved as legal entities but were kept as scheduling identities but were consolidated to the present day MLB (Major League Baseball) 

Currently, baseball is one of the most-watched games in the world alongside football, American football and Basketball with famous teams like Dodgers, Yankees, San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox and world baseball players like Alex Rodriguez, Bryce Harper, Aaron Judge, Corey Seager, Mike Trout and Mookie Betts with signed million-dollar contracts with their teams.

The sport has over 162 games played every season by each club without the playoffs inclusive so definitely there are a lot of valuable betting opportunities for any bettor to make money.

As for people not able to watch matches on the pitch you can always watch them via live stream therefore no more excuse on why you cannot place bets on baseball.


Major Baseball League to bet on

When someone mentions baseball, most people immediately associated the sport with North American countries like the United States and Canada but in contrast to that, baseball has also spread in South America and some parts of Europe where small leagues are found.

However, here is a compilation of some of the most popular baseball leagues in the world:

Major League Baseball

 Commonly known as the MLB is the biggest and most popular baseball league in the world with 30 teams participating from the USA and Canada combined. The teams are split into National league and American league and further split into 3 divisions East, West and Central. Around 2300 games are played amongst these teams from April to early November. 

The division championships have 5 teams participating and within those 5 teams, 162games are played with each of the division champions and runner-ups advancing towards the National and American League Pennant championship.

Pennant winners for both the national and American leagues then face off in the World Series super bowl to win the most prized baseball trophy in the world.

How Do Baseball Betting Odds Work?

Most of the online betting sites use decimal odds for example 2.0, 4.5 and so forth so therefore is an example of Boston Red Sox (4.0) vs. the New York Yankees (1.25)

With such odds if you place a bet worth 100 dollars for the Yankees to win then you will get back 125 dollars while if you bet the same amount on Red Sox, you will win 400 dollars if it goes as planned.

Therefore the higher the risk, the higher the odds of a situation happening. 

Incase of decimal odds, you can also find out the implied probability by the formula: 1/ decimal odds 

For the example above: 1/1.25 = 80%, that’s the likelihood of winning that the Yankees have.


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