How to Bet Online On Golf in Africa and the Best Golf Online Betting Sites

August 04 2021

Understanding History and rules of the Golf Sport

Golf is also known as a gentleman’s sport is one of the most-watched sports on US soil and worldwide making it very popular in the online betting industry for fans and spectators.

Golf sport is traced back to the 14th century in original Scotland and since then it has found significant popularity in North America especially in the US which has hosted some of the greatest of all time golf players like Tiger Woods, Gary Player, Lee Westwood, Lorena Ochoa just to name a few.

Golf is played by individual players or a team and the players should shoot the gold balls straight up using golf clubs into 9 or 18 holes on the golf course from the teeing ground (starting point) up to the green (the flat area where the hole is) usually marked by a flag. Each player is allowed to shoot the golf ball with as many strokes as possible up until the hole and the number of strokes are counted and placed on a scoreboard and the player with the least number of strokes wins the golf game.

Unlike in other sports with standard measured pitches or fields, the golf course is not standardized instead it can be hilly, bumpy or even flat or a forest filled depending on the area where it's situated with no clear measurements of the course.

With golf, there are two ways of scoring: stroke play and match play. As discussed above the most common being the stroke play explained above while with the match play, an overall winner is a player who has won over the most number of holes.

Golf game is allowed up to 4 hours or 2 hours to hit 18holes or 9 holes respectively.

The golf score is sometimes confusing to understand for most people; however, this shouldn’t be a problem

For example, A par is the number of strokes a golfer is expected to complete the hole in a course, so if the score is under par that is good and if it’s over par, then the game might not go well for the player.

The par score in golf betting should be at the core of every golf bettor while looking at the player’s stats this can help you to place much better bets as the game progresses.


Popular Golf Tournaments to Bet On

The PGA Golf tour Championship 

The PGA golf tour championship is one of the major golf tournaments in the USA that takes place every month of May and is hosted on most of the reputable golf courses on USA soil. The overall winner o the PGA golf tour championship automatically qualifies to the other major golf tournaments for the next five years plus a Wanamaker trophy cup.

Some of the golf players to look out for; Brooks Koepka, Justin Thomas, Jimmy Walker

The Masters

This is the most reputable tournament in the history of golf that takes place in the month of April at the Augusta National Golf club and it's known for its iconic green jacket award to winners. This tournament attracts some of the cream de la cream star golf players. Here a lot of golf action is served and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the likes of Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia and Danny Willet.

The Open AKA the British Open 

The British Open is a major tournament hosted on UK soil in the month of July annually on the various golf courses in the UK

Some o the stars to look out for are mostly British born include; Zach Johnson, Henrik Stenson, Jordan Steith.

The US Open 

Duped as the most difficult of golf tournaments, the US Open is one of the most exciting tournaments to bet on. The reason for its difficulty is due to the rocky golf courses the tournaments are being hosted on. It is hosted in July across US reputable golf courses.


Most recommended Golf online betting site

While looking for a good online betting site to place your golf bets on, you need to keep in mind some of the aspects like fast withdrawal and deposit, good customer service, lucrative bonuses and relatively high odds.

Champion bet offers amazing bonuses for both their new ad old customers alike accompanied with lucrative odds attached to the golf event selections.

Join champion bet now and claim your free 1000 VIP bets as a welcome bonus.

How to bet on golf 

Most online betting sites offer fixed decimal odds with examples; 2.0, 1.6, 3.5 and so on.

Therefore in the tournament between Tiger Woods (1.90) facing off with  Sergio Garcia (3.50) if you make a selection of tiger woods to win the match with a wager of $30, and he wins you win back $57 with a profit of $27.

Calculated as follows odds x total amount of the wager

1.90x30= 57

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