The F1 betting strategies

August 04 2021

The formula 1 betting strategies take a bettor some time to develop but once you get a strategy you cannot fail to get to see success in your betting schemes.

Taking into Account the Driver’s Track Preference

Race individual drivers each have a preference of tracks he is comfortable with and some he doesn’t like at all. So keep track on race drivers who are known to win a certain race a lot of times.

For example; Lewis Hamilton is known to have at least 8 wins in the Hungarian Grand Prix and also zero wins at the Korean and Indian grand Prix unlike his rival Sebastian Vettel who has won all races in India and 3 of the Korean races.

Make Sure to Watch Warm-ups All the Qualifying and Practice Tests/Warm-ups before the Actual Race

A lot of punters do not take in the necessary precaution and equip themselves with a schedule of all warm-ups before the final race 

Here is an example of the schedule at every upcoming grand Prix

Friday    Noon:  Practice 1

Afternoon: Practice 2

Saturday  Noon:   Practice 3

Afternoon: Qualifying

Sunday: Race

The main reason here is to keep track on a driver’s performance and general teamwork when it comes to engine operators and also this gives you a chance to notice any changes or upgrades to a race car of the team and also the favorability of the tracks of a specific circuit where the final race is to take place.

Here you can also check out the individual race drivers who are the fastest and most likely to win the race.

Watch out for the best car in the game  

Sure a skilled individual race driver is likely to win the race but the most innovative and fastest car with the most upgraded engine might come into play.

 Usually, when rival drivers are almost equally as good, their team cars set them apart so you should definitely pick the best car to back.

Team Interaction Atmosphere Matters

 With formula 1, however much an individual is good at his thing but lacks great teamwork with car engineers and technical drivers he’s definitely set for failure.

Also, keep up with updates on the relationship between the formula 1 driver and their constructor’s team in case a driver filed to get out of a contract with the constructor signer because it can emotionally lead to failure to win or even make top 3 in the race. 

This became an issue for the then-rising star Lewis Hamilton on not even making the top 3 due to his ongoing woes with McLaren his former constructor.

Keep Note on Weather Conditions

The weather conditions can really take a toll on the race or better the race. The generally affects the cars and how they maneuver through this process.

Some of the craziest occurrences tend to happen during rainy days which can easily mess up results. Though there are some drivers who are known to be consistent no matter the weather conditions like Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

The constructor’s decision 

The constructors do influence the performance of an individual race driver on the circuit with resourceful decisions making for example they can divert their own finances to developing the next race car even when the F1 season is not yet over they feel like they won’t benefit much in the process. This decision really makes the individual race driver vulnerable on circuits due to no upgrades 

Update yourself on race reviews

Always look up to journalists and some of the experienced experts on the sport to give you much more clarity on what to expect during the race. These journalists are known to always get on the inside news on teams.

Grid Position

The grid position of a race driver does impact their performances on different Grand Prix races. The main position being the pole position can easily benefit from some of the circuits like the Monaco circuit does favor the pole positioners because it's quite twisty and narrow making it quite hard for a takeover while on a Canadian circuit, the track is quite wide which promotes easy takeover.

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