Best Golf Betting Types / Markets

August 04 2021

The Tournament winner 

 This bet type lets you wager/ stake on a golf player you think will win the golf tournament for example the USPGA championship, the Masters and The Open. 

The Matchup winner ( head to head)

Here the betting site pits two golf players against each other with different odds and you will have to wager on who will emerge a winner.

Accumulator golf bet

Also known as a parlay bet, you are to place a bet on several selections grouped as single bet and each of the selection’s outcome affect your chances of winning. You can make sections from different bet types and combine them.

First Round leaders 

With the round leader bet, you wager on the golf player you predict will win the first round in a tournament.

The Top 5, Top 10, or Top 20 Finish Bet

Here is a bet that is quite less risky than the golf tournament winner bet. You wager on a player to finish in the top 5 or top 10 and top 20 by the end of the tournament.

This is a bet you could place if you aren’t too sure how your player is likely to perform.

Top Nationality Bet

The betting sites will line up players according to the countries they represent for example you place a bet on a United States player to win the tournament for instance tiger woods ( who is a US citizen), you place your bet on the United states to win the tournament

Live Golf betting

Live betting or in-play betting gives you the ability to stake your bets as the golf tournament is ongoing with the odds updated in real-time. This is great if you fancy watching golf to keep up with the live scores 

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