Baseball rules

August 04 2021

Baseball: Game Rules

Baseball is a sport rarely watched in African countries due to lack of exposure to the sport but if you plan on betting on this sport then you need to know how it’s played, how it's scored and the key players on the pitch.

How Baseball Is Played and scored

Baseball is a bat, ball and glove game played by two teams with each comprising of 9 team players.  With the defensive team being the fielding team or pitching team while the offending team is the batting team.  

Baseball is played in a 90-degree field with four base points that are 1st base, 2nd base, and 3rd base than a home base with only one player allowed at each base. The teams play in nine innings with each team taking part in batting and pitching in one inning.

The objective of a team is to score more runs at the end of the 9 innings and in case of a tie there are extra innings to be played. Baseball does not have a time limit instead those 9 innings need to be finished with no ties. 

The pitcher who is the defense standing pitching mound throws the ball with an intention of letting the batter miss contact with the ball so as for the catcher to grab ( also defense) which is called a strike and 3 strikes in a row out the batter who stands at home base while the catcher is right behind the pitcher.

 If the batter makes contact with the ball and hits it within foul lines and the batter turns to a runner running counterclockwise from first base to other bases if he can stop at first base only without being tagged out by the field players. If the runner stops at first base he can progress to the next when there is another hit without being tagged out by the field player.

In case the batter hits the ball over the outfield territory, that automatically becomes a home run and if there are other base runners too they automatically progress to the home base and any time a runner reaches home base it's qualified as a run for the team.

However, a home run can be prevented in case a field player manages to catch the ball without it bouncing and the field player can catch the ball at any territory even beyond the outfield wall and this term is called the fly out.

The base runner can be tagged out or put out by a field player by touching the base runner with the ball before he reaches base or simply touching the base with the ball.

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