Popular Baseball Betting Markets You Should Know

August 04 2021

Baseball leagues like MLB comprise exactly 2430 games played in just a season with valuable bets everywhere. Here is a compilation of the most popular baseball betting markets you can make money from.

 National League/ American League Pennant winner 

The two league pennant winners are a result of the national baseball American and national league pennant championship.

You can place bets on the team you predict to win the National League pennant winner or on the team to win the American League Pennant.


Divisional Title 

There are six divisions with 3 for the national league and the other 3 for the American league with each division having 5 participating teams so here you can bet on the team that will top each division. Remember the divisions are;





World Series best of seven winner

The World Series super bowl is the biggest baseball game between the two pennant winners at the pennant championship. You place bets on the team to win the baseball world series best of seven.


Run Totals Over/Under

 Here let us give an example of Dodgers vs. Giants and the game ends in a 3-5 which is a total of 8 runs in a game. So if you think there is a possibility of the total of runs being over or under the total of runs at the end of the game. You can place a bet on either over or under the totals.   


Match Result

This is the most straightforward bet type. You place a bet on the team to win the baseball game.


Handicap (Run Lines)

 Just like in football, handicap works the same here. A team is disadvantaged while the other is advantaged because it’s perceived to have fewer chances at winning.

In an example where team A is given +1.5 and team B is given a -1.5 meaning that team A can lose by at least 1 run for your bet to win while team B must win the game with at least two runs for you to win the bet.


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